Definition of Sponsorships

Sponsorships means transactions where an advertiser sponsors some portion of, or event on, the Sites and, in exchange, is entitled to some additional advertising benefit outside of standard IAB ad unit guidelines.
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Examples of Sponsorships in a sentence

Excluded Theatres will not receive Advertising Services; provided, however, that upon mutual agreement of the Parties one or more Excluded Theatres may participate in Event Sponsorships with respect to a particular event included in the Digital Programming Services.
Therefore, Employees should adhere to the procedures stated in their applicable regional Compliance Manual and refer to AXA Rosenberg Group's Gifts, Sponsorships and Charitable Donations Policy (if an Employee intends to offer a gift to a public official or make a charitable donation).
Advertising Services means the advertising and promotional services (including the Digital Content Service, the Digital Carousel, the Traditional Content Program, Lobby Promotions and Event Sponsorships) as described in Part A of Exhibit A hereto.
Under the Alternative Content Services Agreement, Alternative Content JV and LLC will work together in good faith to develop and sell Event Sponsorships for Digital Programming Events.
Sponsorships Tuition may be paid by sponsoring businesses and/or individuals.