Sites definition

Sites means the area(s) upon or in which the construction work is carried on, and such other areas adjacent thereto as may be designated by the Commissioner.
Sites means any premises from which the Services are provided or from which the Supplier manages, organises or otherwise directs the provision or the use of the Services or where any part of the Supplier System is situated or where any physical interface with the Customer System takes place;
Sites means: any premises (including the Customer Premises, the Supplier’s premises or third party premises): from, to or at which: the Services are (or are to be) provided; or the Supplier manages, organises or otherwise directs the provision or the use of the Services.

Examples of Sites in a sentence

  • Sites with invasive plants in a larger proportion of their quadrats had lower ORWAP scores for Resident Fish Habitat and Invertebrate Habitat.

  • Street trees must be protected in accordance with the Australian Standard 4970 Protection of Trees on Development Sites.

  • All construction wiring shall comply with AS/NZS 3012, Electrical Installations – Construction and Demolition Sites as amended, along with other relevant industry standards.

  • Evaluation Findings – Implementation & EngagementImplementation & EngagementForty‐four care homes joined CLeAR Wave 2 in the spring of 2015, including 19 health authority owned/operated sites and 25 contracted sites.11 Sites ranged in size from 34 to 260 residents, and were spread across the five regional health authorities.

  • Sites within the URCCNCORP network are randomized prior to the enrollment of any subjects at any site.

More Definitions of Sites

Sites means those areas at the Location for the use of the Contractor and his staff in the provision of the Services, as set out in the Specification;
Sites means the Provider’s sites which are detailed in Schedule 3;
Sites means the real property on which the Project is located, as identified in Appendix II.
Sites means those locations at which the Software will run or be stored as backup as listed in the Transaction Document.
Sites means the real property or properties on which one or more Distributed Resources comprising the Project is located, as identified in Appendix III and as may be updated from time to time.
Sites means the location’s in the Ministries/ Divisions Islamabad where the Project will be implemented;
Sites means the program(s)/facility(ies) within the Employer as listed in Appendix “D“ under the Site List column. 313 “Employer” shall mean the legal entity with whom the nurse is employed as listed in Appendix “D” under the Employer List column.