Taxing district definition

Taxing district means a government entity that levies or has
Taxing district means any non-home rule taxing district

Examples of Taxing district in a sentence

  • While the abatement is in effect with respect to an Eligible Improvement, each Taxing District shall each year continue to receive all real estate taxes corresponding to the equalized assessed valuation of the parcel upon which the Eligible Improvement is located and all structures or parts of structures on the parcel other than the Eligible Improvement.

  • Regular meeting of the Willimantic Taxing District Board of Directors.

  • Revenue the Town Manager increased is the charge to the Willimantic Taxing District: $85,000 increased to $200,000.

More Definitions of Taxing district

Taxing district means a government entity that levies or
Taxing district means a government entity that
Taxing district means an area within a township having tax levies and rates different from the tax levies and rates in other areas within the same township.
Taxing district means any city, county, or special taxing district other than school districts and fire districts;
Taxing district means any entity or unit with the statutory authority to levy a property tax. (Reference Idaho Code, Section 67-8203(7) and Idaho Code, Section 63-201).).
Taxing district means a governmental entity that levies or
Taxing district means the state and any county, city, town, port district, school district, road district, metro- politan park district, regional transit authority, water-sewer district, or other municipal corporation, having the power or legal authority to impose burdens upon property within the district on an ad valorem basis, for the purpose of obtaining revenue for public purposes, as distinguished from municipal corporations authorized to impose burdens, or for which bur- dens may be imposed for public purposes, on property in pro- portion to the increase in benefits received.