Fire district definition

Fire district means a fire district constituted as such by or pursuant to the provisions of the Fire Brigades Act;
Fire district means a local district under Title 17B, Limited Purpose Local Government Entities - Local Districts, that:

Examples of Fire district in a sentence

A combined $770,877.00 in funds is available to the 7 entities who make up the Isanti Fire district.

More Definitions of Fire district

Fire district means a fire district organized under section 505.37 of the Revised Code.
Fire district has the same meaning as in the Fire Brigades Act 1989.
Fire district means a service area under Title 17B, Chapter 2a, Part 9, Service Area Act:
Fire district means a fire district constituted under this Act or any repealed Act; "firefighter" includes a control room operator;
Fire district means any agency having responsibility for pro- viding fire protection services.
Fire district means Clackamas County Fire District #1 (CFD1).
Fire district means Butler County, Kansas Fire District No. 7.