District board definition

District board means the governing board of a district.
District board means the district board in charge of the technical colleges of a district.

Examples of District board in a sentence

  • Matters which the District Board of Health may consider in one motion.

  • The District Board of Directors subsequently established a once-each-year “open enrollment” period during which District customers subject to the fee have an option of paying the amount in full or partially and thereby avoiding the approximate $48 monthly fee on their monthly bills.

  • Case 2020-REP-06-0049 North Ridgeville Non-Teaching Education Associationand North Ridgeville City School District Board of Education The Employee Organization filed a Notice of Withdrawal.

  • Should the comments be personally directed, or derogatory remarks made against District Board Members, District Officials, or District employees, or profanity used, the individuals remaining time will be forfeited.

  • A second offense during a school year by a student for trading or attempting to trade, selling or attempting to sell or giving or attempting to give intoxicating liquor, inhalants, tobacco (vaping, chewing tobacco or iqmik), illegal drugs, substances designed to look like illegal drugs or substances claimed to be illegal drugs, while under the jurisdiction of the school will result in a recommendation to the District Board for expulsion.

More Definitions of District board

District board means a board of health representing at least two geographically contiguous counties formed with approval of the state department in accordance with this chapter, or any district board of health in existence prior to July 1, 2010.
District board means the governing body of a district.
District board means the community college district governing
District board means the district board of registry and election
District board means a district board created
District board or “board” means the board of directors of a district.
District board means the governing body of a district and the term includes a county board