Local Distribution Company definition

Local Distribution Company means a company that owns and/or operates the equipment and facilities for distributing natural gas or electric energy within a local region and delivers it to end-user customers.
Local Distribution Company means the owner or operator of a Distribution System that is licensed by the OEB as an electricity distributor.
Local Distribution Company or “LDC” means a Person licensed by the OEB as a “Distributorin connection with a Local Distribution System.

Examples of Local Distribution Company in a sentence

  • Each contract will be settled directly by the respective Local Distribution Company (LDC).

  • Through its meeting with the Local Distribution Company (LDC), the municipality can learn more about the competitive supply process.

More Definitions of Local Distribution Company

Local Distribution Company or “LDC” shall mean each of the natural gas companies or their successors in New York State which supply or deliver natural gas to Generators and that are not interstate natural gas pipelines (and collectively the “LDCs”).
Local Distribution Company. (LDC) means and electric public utility, a gas public utility, or both, as those terms are defined by law (N.J.AC. 48:3-92).
Local Distribution Company means any person, other than any interstate pipeline or any intrastate pipeline, engaged in transportation or local distribution of natural gas and the sale of natural gas for ultimate consumption.
Local Distribution Company means an entity regulated by the State Corporation Commission that owns or controls the distribution facilities required for the transportation and delivery of electricity or natural gas to the retail customer.
Local Distribution Company. (LDC) means an electric public utility, a gas public utility, or both, as those terms are defined in N.J.A.C. 14:4-6.2, in whose service territory Government Aggregator is located, specifically Atlantic City Electric (ACE). Pursuant to BPU rules an LDC cannot be a Third-Party Supplier, but may provide BGS.
Local Distribution Company means, in respect of any Eligible Installation, the company licensed by the Secretary of State under Section 6 (1) (c) of the Act for the area in which that Eligible Installation is located;
Local Distribution Company means the distributor of Gas for consumption at the Project.