Locations definition

Locations mean one or more of the healthcare or other facilities owned by the Borrower on the Property as identified on Schedule 1.1(a) hereto.
Locations means the locations owned or leased by the Landowners within the Territory using the Poshtel PopUp® Concept.
Locations means such locations where ICICI Bank may provide the Cash Management Services and as agreed in the Application and such other locations as may be intimated by ICICI Bank to the Client from time to time.

Examples of Locations in a sentence

  • A site map showing • The size of the property in acres; • The location and extent of significant structures and impervious surfaces; • Directions of storm water flow (use arrows); • Locations of all existing structural control measures; • Locations of all receiving waters in the immediate vicinity of your facility; • Locations of all storm water conveyances including ditches, pipes and swales; • Locations of potential pollutant sources identified under Part IV J.

  • In the case where the incident occurs while performing at a remote location, such as at sea or in the field (at a field camp or other isolated location) where the above referenced individuals are unavailable, the contractor employee should follow the reporting procedure set forth in NAO 202-1106, Section 6,.07, Reporting from Remote Locations.

  • Other Locations - Robeson Community College electronic data files, including backups, are stored in three campus locations; vintage files are archived in the campus vault, and a digital transcript file is delivered annually to a safe deposit box at BB&T, Lumberton NC.

  • Locations of standpipes, mains piping, branch lines, pipe drops, and sprinkler heads.

  • Locations of Norfolk District Civil Works projects can be found at: http://www.nao.usace.army.mil/Portals/31/docs/regulatory/RPSPdocs/RP- 17_Corps_Project_Maps.pdf For projects located within the Civil Works boundary of the Baltimore, Huntington, Nashville or Wilmington District, please contact a Norfolk District Project Manager for assistance.

More Definitions of Locations

Locations means each facility located in the Territory that operates the Concept.
Locations means station platforms, waiting halls, train and coaches/wagons, freight wagons, concourses of booking offices and PRS centres, circulating areas, approaches to stations, foot over bridges, railway depots, railway bridges, boundary walls and level crossing gates, as earmarked for the Location and listed in the SCC.
Locations means one or more of the following brick and mortar automobile dealerships operated by the Debtors, as the context requires: Reagor-Dykes Plainview Ford, Reagor-Dykes Chevrolet Floydada, Reagor-Dykes Amarillo Mitsubishi, Reagor-Dykes Mitsubishi Lubbock, Spike Dykes Ford Lamesa, Reagor-Dykes Auto Mall, Reagor-Dykes Auto Mall Downtown, Reagor-Dykes Auto Mall Dallas (permanently closed), Reagor-Dykes Auto Mall Imports, Reagor-Dykes Auto Mall of Midland, Reagor-Dykes Chevrolet Buick GMC, Reagor-Dykes Toyota Plainview, Reagor-Dykes Auto Mall West Lubbock, and Reagor-Dykes Auto Mall Leveland.
Locations means the boundaries within which the project improvements will be located.
Locations means an entity that receives Authorization and settlement from or through Merchant pursuant to a contractual arrangement with Merchant; including Merchant-owned Locations and Locations owned by third parties for whom Merchant assumes complete responsibility, including but not limited to licensees, franchisees, jobbers, and dealers.
Locations. The location(s) and any facilities thereon designated in Paragraph F and the Final Paragraph of this Agreement that MBUSA has approved for the Mercedes-Benz Center Operation(s) specified therein.