Single Family Lot definition

Single Family Lot means each separately platted Parcel in the Property designated for construction of a residence.
Single Family Lot means and refer to a single family lot shown on a plat upon which no more than one (1) Dwelling Unit may be constructed in accordance with applicable zoning and use regulations or Neighborhood Covenants and which is part of the Committed Property.
Single Family Lot shall refer to a platted lot on which there may be constructed only a single family detached or semi-attached dwelling unit.

Examples of Single Family Lot in a sentence

  • Each Owner of a Single Family Lot is responsible for securing and maintaining adequate liability and property insurance on his or her Lot, all improvements thereon and contents therein.

  • Weed growth shall be controlled, and no underbrush orother unsightly growth shall be allowed upon any portion of a Single Family Lot.

  • No refuse or unsightly objects shall be allowed to be placed or permitted to remain upon a Single Family Lot.

  • The Community Association shall provide irrigation water and maintain a supporting infrastructure to bring irrigation water up to each Single Family Lot .

  • Each Owner of a Single Family Lot shall be responsible for maintaining, repairing and replacing all exterior surfaces, the roof, fascias and soffits and other improvements or structures located on his or her Lot, including the driveway and walkway surfaces .

More Definitions of Single Family Lot

Single Family Lot means a lot subdivided from the Lands zoned or designated by the Zoning Bylaw for development as single family housing, which includes bare land strata lots pursuant to the Strata Property Act (British Columbia) ;
Single Family Lot means any Lot on which the Owner has constructed, is constructing, or intends to construct a Single-Family Residential Unit. For purposes of this definition, an Owner shall be deemed to intend to construct a single-Family Residential Unit on a Lot if such Owner is contractually obligated to do so, has applied for a building permit to do so, has entered into an architectural or construction contract for such purpose, or otherwise demonstrates such intention to the reasonable satisfaction of the Board; provided, however, that an Unimproved Declarant Lot shall in no instance be considered a Single-Family Lot; and provided further that a Lot of which Declarant is the Owner and which would be considered a Single-Family Lot under the foregoing definition shall be considered to be a Single-Family Lot only at such time as Declarant has commenced construction thereon of a single-family Residential Unit.
Single Family Lot means a Lot upon which a single family detached residence has or will be constructed by Declarant or Builder, together with the Improvements thereon, and any other portion of the Property within Esplanade on Palmer Ranch that is declared to be a Single Family Lot by a Supplemental Declaration, provided, however, that no portion of any Community System (as defined in the Declaration) shall be deemed to be part of a Single Family Lot unless and until same is made such pursuant to the terms of the Declaration, if at all.
Single Family Lot means a Lot designated for single-family residential use, irrespective of the number of dwellings actually constructed on that Lot
Single Family Lot or "Lot" shall mean and refer to a parcel of real estate developed for the purpose of constructing a single family residence thereon and which lot is not subject to an Association.
Single Family Lot means any parcel of land shown on the Plat upon which a Single Family Rental Unit is constructed or upon which a Single Family Rental Unit may be constructed, together with all improvements located thereon from time to time.
Single Family Lot or "Lot" shall mean and refer to a parcel of real estate developed for the purpose of constructing a single family residence thereon.