Multi-family dwelling definition

Multi-family dwelling means a structure that contains more than one separate dwelling unit, which is used, or occupied, or intended to be used or occupied, in whole, or in part as the home or residence of one or more persons.
Multi-family dwelling means a building, or portion thereof, designed for occupancy by three (3) or more families living independently, or a townhouse development not part of the County curbside collection program. Home occupation permitted businesses operating from such dwellings are subject to the multi-family requirements of this article.
Multi-family dwelling means a structure of which all habitable portions thereof are connected structurally and comprise three or more dwelling units, including, but not limited to, factory built dwellings, mobile homes and site built dwellings.

Examples of Multi-family dwelling in a sentence

  • Each unit in a Multi‐Family Dwelling shall be entitled to up to twelve (12) annual pickups at no additional charge The property manager shall call in the pickup requests.

More Definitions of Multi-family dwelling

Multi-family dwelling means any structure that contains two or more individual rental units.
Multi-family dwelling means a residential mobile home park, an apartment building, condominium building, or any other residential building containing more than two Dwelling Units except attached residential buildings on separate fee simple parcels;
Multi-family dwelling means a building or part of a building used or intended to be used for three or more Dwelling Units.
Multi-family dwelling means a building containing three or more dwelling units;
Multi-family dwelling. (MFD) means a Dwelling with more than one Dwelling Unit.
Multi-family dwelling means any building or structure or
Multi-family dwelling means any building under one roof which contains two (2) or more complete dwellingunits.