Multi-family housing definition

Multi-family housing means a building or structure that is designed to house two (2) or more different households in separate housing Units which have full kitchen facilities including oven/range, refrigerator, kitchen sink with hot and cold water supply and food storage facilities and at least one (1) full bathroom facility(s), one (1) full bedroom and one (1) living area (including a combination thereof such as studio arrangements).
Multi-family housing means a housing property consisting of more than four dwelling units.
Multi-family housing means buildings or structures designed for two or more families for living or sleeping purposes and having kitchen and bath facilities for each family, including condominiums and cluster developments; and

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  • Uniform Multifamily Application Templates--The collection of sample resolutions and form letters, produced by the Department, as may be required under this chapter or Chapters 12 and 13 of this title (relating to Multifamily Housing Bond Rules and Multifamily Direct Loan Rule, respectively) that may be used, (but are not required to be used), to satisfy the requirements of the applicable rule.

  • The Department is authorized to administer Homekey pursuant to the Multifamily Housing Program (Chapter 6.7 (commencing with Section 50675) of Part 2 of Division 31 of the Health and Safety Code).

  • Office of Multifamily Housing Programs administrative region, until the minimum requirement is reached.

  • Not less than 10 percent of the funds made available for assistance under this NOFO shall be allocated to each of the five Office of Multifamily Housing Programs administrative regions, unless there are insufficient eligible applications that meet the minimum score.

  • If not, the Sponsor must take immediate steps to remedy any resulting non- compliance issues.Page 2HUD Waiver Approval for Homeless Populations In documenting verification, Sponsors should consider that many HCD programs targeting individuals with disabilities do carry with them a higher bar of requirement for certification, including the No Place Like Home, Veterans Housing and Homelessness Prevention, and Supportive Housing Multifamily Housing Programs as well as certain legacy programs monitored by HCD.

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Multi-family housing means building(s) having four or more dwelling units designed for permanent residential occupancy resulting from new construction or rehabilitation or conversion of vacant, underutilized, or substandard buildings.
Multi-family housing means a structure or facility established primarily to provide housing that provides four or more living units, and where the individual parking spaces that an electric vehicle charger serves, and the charging equipment itself, are not deeded to or owned by a single resident.
Multi-family housing means resi- dential properties consisting of five or more dwelling units, such as a condo- minium unit, cooperative unit, apart- ment or townhouse;
Multi-family housing means buildings or structures designed for two or more families for living or sleeping purposes and having kitchen and bath facilities for each family.
Multi-family housing means any multi-family rental housing project of 20 units or more that is not subject to §42, §142, or 24 CFR Pat 92 requirements.
Multi-family housing means three (3) or more residential rental units contained within a single building;
Multi-family housing means 3 or more attached residential dwelling units. “Non-profit Housing” means non- market housing required for non-profit