Single-family dwelling unit definition

Single-family dwelling unit means a structure that is usually occupied by just one household or family and for the purposes of this Policy is expected to generate an average of 250 gallons per day of wastewater.
Single-family dwelling unit means each Premises used for or designated as a single family residential dwelling, including each unit of a duplex or triplex in all cases in which there is separate or individual Solid Waste Collection services.
Single-family dwelling unit means a dwelling unit that is not attached at any point to another dwelling unit and contains no more than one dwelling unit for Energy Assistance Program purposes. For the Weatherization Assistance Program purposes, “single family dwelling unit” means a building which contains four (4) or less dwelling units.

More Definitions of Single-family dwelling unit

Single-family dwelling unit means either (a) a conventional single family detached dwelling or mobile home, or (b) a unit within a multi-family residential complex (townhouses, condominiums, or apartments).
Single-family dwelling unit means a building or a portion of a building consisting of one or more rooms including living, sleeping, eating, cooking, and sanitation facilities arranged and designed as permanent living quarters for one family or household; may be attached to one or more than one other dwelling units by one or more vertical walls. In addition to detached single family dwelling units, this definition also includes duplex, zero-lot-line, townhouse, and row house dwelling units designed for one family or household.
Single-family dwelling unit means a structure principally designed for the residential habitation of one family.
Single-family dwelling unit means a detached structure having a
Single-family dwelling unit means either
Single-family dwelling unit means a detached structure containing one (1) dwelling unit and having a permanent foundation.
Single-family dwelling unit means a single family detached dwelling; a suite or suites contained within a single family detached dwelling, each dwelling unit of a duplex, triplex, quadruplex, townhouse, or row house development; or, a mobile home; but does not include a hotel, motel, apartment, resort or marina, or other commercial property as identified on the Assessment Roll.