Service Year definition

Service Year means fiscal year, except that:
Service Year is defined as the period of time between an employee's date of hire and the one-year anniversary date of the employee's date of hire or the period of time between any two (2) consecutive anniversaries of the employee's date of hire thereafter.
Service Year means the Plan Year during which the services giving rise to the incentive award are performed.

Examples of Service Year in a sentence

  • Independent Auditor [include this Section 31 if cost plus pricing is selected.] On or before the first day of the ninth full calendar month before the end of the tenth Service Year (or, if this Tolling Services Agreement is executed thereafter, then within 90 days after the date of execution), the Parties shall mutually select and engage the Independent Auditor for purposes of providing the services described in Section 6(d)(iv).

  • If Comprehensive Wellness terminates the agreement, I will receive a refund of the prorated portion of the paid Annual Fee, based on the number of days that have elapsed in the Service Year.

More Definitions of Service Year

Service Year means the period commencing on November 1 of any given calendar Year and ending the following October 31.
Service Year means, as designated by the Committee, such year or portion thereof during which the services have been rendered by a Participant for which Compensation is payable.
Service Year means any period of twelve (12) months during the Service Period, beginning on 1 April and ending on 31 March, except that the first and last Service Years may be for a period of less than twelve (12) months and the first Service shall begin on the Service Commencement Date and the last Service Year shall end on the last day of the Service Period;
Service Year means the period between July 1st and June 30th. [2009 c 565 § 53; 2003 c 134 § 1; 2002 c 104 § 1; 1993 c 249 § 1.]
Service Year means the approximately annual period commencing at an annual meeting of the Company’s stockholders and ending at the next annual meeting of the Company’s stockholders.
Service Year means each period of twelve (12) consecutive months and 2,080 regular paid hours (non-overtime) of employment following an employee's entrance or re-entrance into service with the City including any of its departments, or between any two anniversaries of such entrance or re-entrance.
Service Year means the one year period used to measure the costs and associated charges for hospital ser- vices. The service year may refer to a hospital's fiscal year or medicare cost report year, or to a state fiscal year.