Election Year definition

Election Year means a year in which ordinary elections for local governments are required to be held;
Election Year means a year in which biennial or quadrennial elections are due to be held in accordance with these Rules.
Election Year means the period that corresponds to a calendar year in which elections are planned to be held.

Examples of Election Year in a sentence

  • Election Year- if an election of officers is held while the collective bargaining agreement is being negotiated, the members of the old Executive Committee will continue to serve as the Negotiating Committee until after the ratification of the successor agreement.

  • The Personnel Board shall from time to time, but no less often than every federal Election Year, review the Classification Schedule, Salary Schedules, and administration policies of the Salary Administration Plan.

  • An individual is an Eligible Employee if he or she (i) is a Full-Time Domestic Employee or a Full-Time Expatriate Employee, (ii) has at least $300,000 of Eligible Compensation for the year prior to the Election Year, and (iii) has attained the title of Vice President or higher.

  • Delegates and Alternates elected at the Presidential Election Year County Convention, unless successfully challenged, shall sit as Delegates and Alternates to the Presidential Election Year State Convention.

  • In every Presidential Election Year the Congressional District Convention shall elect 3 Delegates and 3 Alternates to the Republican National Convention and shall nominate 1 Presidential Elector, who must not be a current elected public official (pursuant to state law).

More Definitions of Election Year

Election Year means, for an Employee, the calendar year for which a Participant makes an Election with respect to Compensation received during such calendar year pursuant to Article II of this Plan. “Election Year” means, for a Non-Employee Director, the one-year period that begins immediately following the first Annual Meeting of Shareholders which is subsequent to the Election period and ends on the next Annual Meeting of Shareholders.
Election Year means the 1996 calendar year.
Election Year means each calendar year in which an election of Elected Directors and Councillors is required to be held by reason of their terms of office expiring in that year, being every two years;
Election Year means the 2008 calendar year.
Election Year means the 2000 calendar year.
Election Year means the period from the Effective Date through December 31, 1998 and any calendar year thereafter.
Election Year means the 2005 calendar year.