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Farmworker Household means a household of one or more persons wherein at least one member of the household is a Farmworker at the time of initial occupancy.
Farmworker Household means a household of one or more persons wherein at least one member of the household is a
Farmworker Household means a household of one or more persons

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  • The property MAY be able to move this household into a vacant (previously rented but currently vacant) unit, if the property has no qualified Farmworker Household on a waiting list and markets the rent-ready unit to farm workers for at least 30 days.

  • Social Services Used by Farmworker Household Table 29 shows the frequency of households using public services or receiving public benefits over the previous two years.

  • Additional Comments: Farmworker Household Initial CertificationPurpose: Each household at a Commission Property with a Farmworker Commitment must complete one of these forms.

  • At least one household member:Has a history of meeting the requirements for a Farmworker Household (including the monetary requirements per year in previous Farm Work income); andHas a current principal occupation and past 12-month occupation is Farm Work; andPlans to continue doing Farm Work as their principal occupation.

  • County Farmworker Household Members Capacity: Farmworker Housing County Farmworker Household Members Capacity: Farmworker HousingTable 13.

  • Water is provided free to 90% of the farmworkers living on farms across the regions while refuse and sanitation service are free for all farmworkers (Western Cape Government Farmworker Household Survey Report 2014/15).

  • In fact, many empirical studies on the Ethiopian economy are based on data gleaned from different sources.

  • Farmworker Household A household of one or more persons wherein at least one member of the household is a Farmworker at time of initial occupancy.

  • Figure 10: Kwazulu-Natal Farmworker Income per month Source: Johnson and Schlemmer, 1998Figure 11: Free State Farmworker Household Income per month ItemSource: O’Conchuir, 1997.

  • The Program Administrator and its team of partner organizations enroll eligible farmworker households and install energy saving and solar measures in single-family dwellings and buildings of 2-4 units across 18 counties with the highest farmworker populations.Households may apply for service by contacting DCSD or the Farmworker Household Administrator directly to obtain an application.

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