seasonal business definition

seasonal business means a business that in each year suspends operations for one or more periods of at least three weeks each owing to a fluctuation in market demand that is characteristic of the business or related to the ripening of a crop. (« entreprise saisonnière »)
seasonal business means a business with respect to which seasonal employees constitute at least eighty percent (80%) of the total number of employees of the business during the calendar year. For purposes of this definition, a person shall be treated as an employee only if the person is employed by the business for at least sixty (60) days during the calendar year;
seasonal business means a business or person located from leased or owned property within the City who operates a business of seasonal nature for less than six (6) months in a calendar year including but not limited to snow removal and lawn care.

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seasonal business means:
seasonal business means Christmas tree lots, firework stands, or any other special seasonal business operating not less than 30 consecutive days in the same location.
seasonal business means a Business that is open for seasonal or temporary purposes of not more than 60 calendar days. Without limiting the forgoing, examples would be Halloween Stores, Christmas tree lot, Temporary Fireworks Premise, Garden Centres, and Tent Sales;
seasonal business means a Business carried on for less than six (6) months in a calendar year.

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  • Additional Business Centre(s means the city or cities specified as such in the relevant Final Terms;

  • Local Business means a business serving as a contractor as defined in Business and Professions Code section 7026 or a business supplying construction-related materials that has its principal headquarters or permanently staffed regional office and that has held a business license within the zip codes listed above for Local Hire for a minimum of three months prior to the date the entity submits a bid, contract, or proposal for a Public Project. A Local Business contractor must also be properly registered with the Department of Industrial Relations in accordance with Labor Code section 1725.5. Local Business shall also mean any state or nationally certified minority-owned, women-owned, or disabled veteran business that has performed work for the District or other public agency within the zip codes listed above for Local Hire during the past four years. Certification for a disabled veteran business must be provided to the District. Local Business shall also mean a business that participates in an internship program that is currently approved or recognized by the District. The entity may also apply to obtain District approval of its internship program. The internship program must be approved by the District and must be completed by the end of the specific Public Project or by the next semester immediately after completion of the specific Public Project. Local Business shall also mean any entity that uses apprentices from a District approved apprenticeship program.

  • special business means all business transacted at a special meeting of shareholders and all business transacted at an annual meeting of shareholders, except consideration of the financial statements and auditor’s report, fixing the number of directors for the following year, election of directors and reappointment of the incumbent auditor;

  • Principal Business means the primary activity as determined by analyzing the amount of capi- tal, labor, time, attention, and floor space devoted to each business activity and by analyz- ing the sources of net income and gross income. The name, appearance, and advertising of the entity may also be taken into consideration if they are given less weight.

  • Danish Financial Business Act means the Danish Financial Business Act (Consolidated Act No. 1140 of 26 September 2017, as amended);

  • General Business Day means a day on which commercial banks are open for general business (including dealings in foreign exchange and foreign currency deposits).

  • Alarm business means the business by an individual, partnership, corporation or other entity of selling, leasing, maintaining, monitoring, servicing, repairing, altering, replacing, moving or installing an alarm system or causing to be sold, leased, maintained, monitored, serviced, repaired, altered, replaced, moved or installed an alarm system in or on any building, structure or facility.

  • Local Business Day means, subject to the Schedule, a day on which commercial banks are open for business (including dealings in foreign exchange and foreign currency deposits) (a) in relation to any obligation under Section 2(a)(i), in the place(s) specified in the relevant Confirmation or, if not so specified, as otherwise agreed by the parties in writing or determined pursuant to provisions contained, or incorporated by reference, in this Agreement, (b) in relation to any other payment, in the place where the relevant account is located and, if different, in the principal financial centre, if any, of the currency of such payment, (c) in relation to any notice or other communication, including notice contemplated under Section 5(a)(i), in the city specified in the address for notice provided by the recipient and, in the case of a notice contemplated by Section 2(b), in the place where the relevant new account is to be located and (d) in relation to Section 5(a)(v)(2), in the relevant locations for performance with respect to such Specified Transaction.

  • banking business means the business of accepting deposits withdrawable or repayable on demand or after a fixed period or after notice and the employment of those deposits, in whole or in part, by lending or any other means for the account and at the risk of the person accepting the deposits;

  • Resident Business or “Resident Contractor” means an entity that has a valid resident certificate issued by the NM Taxation and Revenue Department pursuant to Section 13-1-22 NMSA 1978.

  • Supply Business means the licensed business of the Licensee and anyaffiliate or related undertaking of the Licensee as a Supplier but shall not include the business carried out by the Board in its capacity as public electricity supplier;

  • Valid business purpose means one or more business purposes that alone or in combination

  • Normal Business Hours means those hours during which most similar businesses in City are open to serve customers. In all cases, “Normal Business Hours” must include some evening hours, at least one (1) night per week and/or some weekend hours.

  • home business means a business, service or profession carried out in a dwelling or on land around a dwelling by an occupier of the dwelling which –

  • Production Purposes means using the Software (a) in a production environment, (b) generally using live data and/or applications for a purpose other than Development Purposes, (c) for multi-user prototyping, quality assurance and testing and/or (d) for backup instances. “Supported Hardware” means the hardware and platforms that are listed at (i) xxxxx:// and xxxx:// for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Subscriptions, (ii) xxxx:// for Red Hat JBoss Middleware Subscriptions, and (iii) xxxxx:// for Red Hat Gluster Storage Subscriptions and (iv) xxxxx:// for Red Hat Ceph Storage Subscriptions. “Evaluation Subscriptions” are Subscription Services provided for the sole purpose of evaluating the suitability of the Subscription Services for your future purchase from Red Hat or through one of our authorized Business Partners (“Evaluation Purposes”), and not for Production Purposes, Development Purposes or any other purpose. “Support Contact(s)” is a person authorized by you to open support requests and/or contact Red Hat support personnel.

  • Retail business means a business which sells its product directly to a consumer.

  • Company Business means any business in which the Company or any Subsidiary or other Affiliate is: (x) engaged in during the term of the Grantee’s Business Relationship; or (y) any business in which the Company or any Subsidiary or other Affiliate has undertaken material substantive steps to engage within the twelve (12) month period prior to such Termination, so long as with respect to both prongs (x) and (y) of this sentence, the Grantee had responsibilities with respect to, or Confidential or Proprietary Information about, such business (or anticipated business) prior to the Termination. Without limiting the foregoing, the Company Business shall be deemed to include the well completion and servicing business (including, without limitation, hydraulic fracturing, coiled tubing, pressure pumping, wireline, cementing, pressure testing, pump-down, perforating, pipe recovery and other complementary services), petroleum engineering services (including without limitation services in connection with hydraulic fracture stimulation and reservoir engineering), directional drilling and production services.

  • Substantial business relationship means the extent of a business relationship necessary under applicable state law to make a guarantee contract issued incident to that relationship valid and enforceable. A guarantee contract is issued "incident to that relationship" if it arises from and depends on existing economic transactions between the guarantor and the owner or operator.

  • Cannabis business means any business activity involving cannabis, including but not limited to cultivating, transporting, distributing, manufacturing, compounding, converting, processing, preparing, storing, packaging, delivering, testing, dispensing, retailing and wholesaling of cannabis, of cannabis products or of ancillary products and accessories, whether or not carried on for gain or profit.

  • Business Week means five consecutive Business Days, excluding Public Holidays as defined in the Public Holidays Act;

  • export of services means the supply of any service when,––

  • Branch business means any insurance business transacted by a branch captive insurance company in this State.

  • food business means any undertaking, whether for profit or not and whether public or private, carrying out any of the activities related to any stage of production, processing and distribution of food;

  • Generation Business means the licensed business (if any) of the Licenseeand any affiliate or related undertaking of the Licensee in the generation of electricity or the provision of Ancillary Services;

  • Competitive Business means the banking and financial services business, which includes, without limitation, consumer savings, commercial banking, the insurance and trust business, the savings and loan business and mortgage lending, or any other business in which any of the Bank Entities is engaged or has invested significant resources within the prior six (6) month period in preparation for becoming actively engaged.

  • Initial Business Plan means the business plan to be provided by the Franchisee to the Secretary of State as described in paragraph 2.1 of Schedule 13 (Information and Industry Initiatives);