Slope definition

Slope means an inclined ground surface the inclination of which is expressed as a ratio of horizontal distance to vertical distance.
Slope of a linear regression ( ) means:
Slope means the inclination, measured as a percentage (see Figure 9 below), of the supporting surface produced by raising or lowering one side of the supporting surface in relation to the horizontal in such a manner that the intersection of the supporting surface and the horizontal plane is perpendicular to the longitudinal median plane of the vehicle;

Examples of Slope in a sentence

Chainage (km)River Bed Level (m) River Bed Level Change (m) Slope (d) Prominent Dam/ Barrage.

The slope Yi for nth jobs (i=1 to n) for every category of the flow shop scheduling ( ) on each machine center stage () is as follows: = − ∑ { − (2 − 1)](Calculated slopes can be seen in Table VIII below)=1()Table VIII: Calculated Slope Value for Palmer Based Heuristic Algorithm for Illustrative Example 2 Jobsk=1k=2k=3k=4 The makespan of 36 is calculated using the maximum of each of the flowshops.

This Slippery Slope hypothesis, as we will call it, comes in two versions.

Proposed Spot Elevations at Lot Corners and Peaks (Parkway Slope 2% Minimum, 8% Maximum)5.

However, now a slope for every job is calculated, and the jobs are sequenced using Longest Slope Value (LSV) (Tyagi, 2016) in descending order.

More Definitions of Slope

Slope means the inclination of a surface expressed as one unit of rise or fall for so many horizontal units;
Slope of a linear regression (a1) means:
Slope means average inclination of a surface, measured from its horizontal, generally expressed as the ratio of a unit of vertical distance to a given number of units of horizontal distance (e.g., 1v:5h). It may also be expressed as a percentage or in degrees.
Slope means an incline from the horizontal expressed in an arithmetic ratio of horizontal magnitude to vertical magnitude.
Slope means the degree of deviation of a surface from the horizontal, measured as a numerical ratio, percent, or in degrees. Expressed as a ratio, the first number is the horizontal distance (run) and the second is the vertical distance (rise), as 2:1. A 2:1 slope is a 50 percent slope. Expressed in degrees, the slope is the angle from the horizontal plane, with a 90-degree slope being vertical (maximum) and 45 degrees being a 1:1 or 100 percent slope.
Slope means the deviation of a plane surface from the horizontal. It is usually expressed as a ratio or percentage of number of units of vertical rise or fall per unit of horizontal distance.
Slope means an inclined opening used for the same purpose as a shaft;