Stack definition

Stack means any point in a source designed to emit solids, liquids, or gases into the air, including a pipe or duct but not including flares.
Stack means a duct, pipe, chimney, vent, opening or other structure through which pollutants are emitted to the atmosphere;
Stack means the main vertical component of a drainage installation or any part thereof other than a ventilation pipe;

Examples of Stack in a sentence

  • Stack gas was delivered to the analyzer via a Teflon® sampling line, heated to a minimum temperature of 375°F.

  • An appropriate header file for the Stack ADT should be included in (i) and (iv)7.

  • Implementation of Stack ADT (by using files (i) and implementing file (iii))9.

  • Stack lumber, plywood, and other panels flat with spacers between each bundle to provide air circulation.

  • Implement any Stack Application using array implementation of Stack ADT (by implementing files (i) and (ii) given above) and then using linked list8.

More Definitions of Stack

Stack means any chimney, flue, conduit, or duct arranged to conduct emissions
Stack means a structure containing one or more flues providing a passage for waste gases in order to discharge them into the air;
Stack means a structure that includes one or more flues and the housing for the flues.
Stack means a flue, chimney, conduit or other device constructed for the purpose of discharging air contaminants into the atmosphere.
Stack means any emission point in a "stationary source" designed to emit solids, liquids, or gases into the air, including a pipe or duct.
Stack means a stored quantity of Bulk Wheat delivered to the Port Terminal Facility for export accumulation and loading to a ship.
Stack means a flue, conduit or opening to provide for the emission of the products of combustion and/or other air contaminants into the atmosphere.