Path definition

Path means the Port Authority Trans-Hudson Corporation.
Path here means the relative path from the publication root to the requested item. The path for the soccer section of a newspaper, for example, might be /sports/soccer/ while the path of a news content item might be /news/article123.ece.

Examples of Path in a sentence

  • But it is important to note that school attendance when PATH was implemented was already quite high, with the average child attending about 17 out of a 20-day school period, which means they were attending at least 85 percent of the time.

  • This was useful both in maximizing the precision of certain tabulations and in allowing us to assess the representativeness of the samples relative to the universe of PATH participants.Early in the project, MPR obtained lists of variables and file layouts for the MIS from GOJ staff.

  • Therefore, the main targeting survey was originally designed to be administered before participants started receiving PATH benefits.

  • However, owing to various delays in fielding the survey, about two-thirds of survey respondents reported that they had registered for PATH before responding to the survey.Appendix 2 examines the sensitivity of our targeting estimates to potential error caused by the delays in survey administration, taking into account the size of the PATH payments in relation to the consumption information obtained in the survey.

  • However, both the PATH requirements and the underlying determinants of health care utilization are different for these two groups.

More Definitions of Path

Path means the above grade, at grade and below grade walkway system as it exists from time to time but which at the date of this By-law connects the buildings in the downtown core of the City of Toronto, from the Toronto Coach Terminal (North) to the Air Canada Centre (South) and from Metro Hall (West) to the Cambridge Suites Hotel (East), and which passes through and/or near the property of the owner;
Path refers to the Path 26 transmission constraint which is surrounded by two zones; North of Path 26 (PG&E’s TAC) and South of Path 26 (SCE and SDG&E’s TACs), as identified by the Commission in D.00-00-000.
Path means a connection permitting data transmission between a MAC address and IP address and another MAC address and IP address, and (ii) “Multi-Path” shall mean FIA Services permitting data transmission between or among three (3) or more MAC addresses and IP addresses.
Path means a shared-use pathway designed and intended for the use of bicycles, pedestrians, and other non-motorized users that is physically separated from the roadway.
Path means it’s not one step to net zero- rather incremental improvements to achieve net-zero goal (up to 5 more code updates before 2030)