Scale definition

Scale means the height, width and length of each building proposed within the development in relation to its surroundings;
Scale means any equipment or apparatus for the weighing of Solid Wastes or for the weighing of any Vehicle, Recycling Container, or Waste Container bearing or containing Solid Waste.
Scale or “Scale House” means the area of the facility where waste initially enters the premises and the total and tare weights are determined and a receipt of deposit is generated.

Examples of Scale in a sentence

  • As per policies of the Government from time to time, the purchaser reserves its option to give price preference to Small Scale Industries in comparison to the large scale Industries.

  • In case of Small Scale Industries (SSI) of Rajasthan, it shall be 1% of the amount of quantity ordered for supply of goods and in case of sick industries, other than SSI, whose cases are pending before the Board of Industrial and Financial Reconstruction (BIFR), it shall be 2% of the amount of supply order.

  • Material used to meet down material requirements in Sections 2220 through 2250, "Reserved Timber," shall not be considered for Utilization Scale.

  • The Newcastle-Ottawa Scale (NOS) for assessing the quality of nonrandomised studies in meta-analyses.

  • MSME/Small Scale Industries (SSI) with current valid registration with State or Central Govt.

More Definitions of Scale

Scale means the size, or how much, the outcomes will benefit Australia and Defence. 'Extent' means how widely the outcomes will benefit Australia or Defence.
Scale. Means either: (a) the relationship between distances on a map and actual ground distances; or (b) the proportional relationship of the size of individual parts to one another.
Scale or “Licensed Scale” shall mean a device or Facility approved by the District for the weighing of vehicles used for the delivery, Transport or shipment of Solid Waste generated or delivered within the District or destined for disposal.
Scale means the harmonious proportion of parts of a building, structure, or monument to one another and to the human figure.
Scale means red and purple scale of which the diameter is at least one millimetre and mussel scale of which the length is at least one millimetre;
Scale means the spatial relationship among structures along a street or block front, including height, bulk and yard relationships.
Scale means harmonious relationships of the size of parts to one another and