Density definition

Density means the permitted number of dwelling units per
Density means mass per unit volume at 15 degrees Celsius expressed in kilograms per cubic metre.

Examples of Density in a sentence

  • Article Density Chart 1 – Data availability depends on company’s security policy.2 – These sections are available only when you purchase a report with appropriate additional types of analyses.

  • Section 2.5.3 Table of Permitted Uses to add clarification to allow manufactured Housing on individual lots within the Dellwood Residential Medium Density District (D-RM).

  • Density credits from property in the Rural Policy Area may be transferred into Town Joint Land Management Areas.County/Town Annexation Agreement/Corporate Boundary Adjustment GuidelinesThe County and the incorporated Towns will explore alternatives for entering into annexation agreements to facilitate the annexations of properties that are receiving Town sewer and water services.

  • Density may be transferred to appropriate suburban areas or Joint Land Management Areas provided that the new development potential does not exceed the receiving area’s designated density cap.

  • Protection margin highest amongst peers (%)Life Insurance Density (%) 4,528 2,050244S Protection marginSource: Swiss Re, “Closing Asia’s Mortality Protection Gap 2020”Premium underwritten ina given year to total populationSource : SwissRe Sigma 3/2021 Strategy – The company is focused to bridge the protection gap through its diverse range of protection products.

More Definitions of Density

Density means a measure of the average number of persons or dwelling units per unit of area;
Density means the maximum amount of development permitted or the maximum number of persons permitted to reside, as the case may be, on any area of land;
Density means the permitted number of dwelling units per gross area of land to be developed.
Density means an objective measurement of the number of people or residential units allowed per unit of land, such as residents or employees per acre.
Density and any derivative thereof, means mass per unit volume at 15 degrees Celsius, expressed in kilograms per cubic meter.
Density means kilograms per square meter; calculated as the kilograms of chicken grown divided by square meter, not including service areas;
Density means the physical density of (i.e., total number of bits that can be stored in) a DRAM Product.