Diameter definition

Diameter means the diameter of the stem of a tree measured outside the bark at a specified point of measurement.
Diameter means the greatest dimension measured at right angles to a line from the stem to the blossom end of the cherry.
Diameter means the diameter outside bark of a standing tree measured 4.5 feet above the ground.

Examples of Diameter in a sentence

Lumber Size (Inches) Table B – Panels, Siding and Plywood(1:1 or 2:1 mixing ratio) Thickness (Inches) Table C – Round Logs(only the 1:1 mixing ratio) Diameter (Inches)Note: The numbers listed above are based on an application rate of one gallon of Bora-Care solution to 400 board feet of wood.

For more information about the Results Panel, see: Results Panel.The Diameter units can be changed as required.

Diameter of soil cylinder was kept 1.1 m, geometry was cre- ated using Gambit (version 2.2.3) as preprocessor.

The Find Diameter Results Panel displays the calculation input data and the results of the Find Diameter calculation.

Diameter (mm)Real, forward for VImaginary forward for VReal, forward for HImaginary forward for HReal, back for VImaginary back for VReal, back for HImaginary back for H1.758.2682E-06 Figure 3a also shows the normalized backscatter cross sections calculated using (2).

More Definitions of Diameter

Diameter. (for shells of tanks) means the internal diameter of the shell;
Diameter means in reference to a pipe the nominal inside diameter of the pipe.
Diameter means the greatest distance through the middle of the fruit, measured at a right angle to a line running from the stem end to the apex.
Diameter means the straight-line measurement, from side to side and through the centre of the trunk or stem of a tree, including the bark.
Diameter means the greatest dimension at right angles to the longitudinal axis. The long axis shall be used without regard to the position of the stem (rhizome).
Diameter means the greatest distance measured through the center of a prune at right angles to a line running from the stem to the blossom end.
Diameter means the largest diameter measured at right angles to the longitudinal axis of the apricot;