Recyclables definition

Recyclables means Solid Waste that may be reclaimed and/or processed and used in the production of raw materials or products.
Recyclables means any materials that will be used or reused, or prepared for use or reuse, as an ingredient in an industrial process to make a product, or as an effective substitute for a commercial product. "Recyclables" includes, but is not limited to, paper, glass, plastic, municipal water treatment residues, as defined by K.S.A. 65-163, and amendments thereto, and metal, but does not include yard waste.
Recyclables means waste materials that are collected, separated, or processed and used as raw materials or products.

Examples of Recyclables in a sentence

  • CONTRACTOR is encouraged to inform CITY of any proposed modifications to the scope of this Agreement that could reduce costs, enhance the quality of service, increase the recovery of Green Waste or Recyclables, or decrease the amount of Hazardous Waste in the waste stream.

  • The Township shall not contract or pay any other collector of residential Municipal Solid Waste and/or Recyclables to operate within the Township.

  • Section 286-19 entitled “Nonresidential Collection” of Article III entitled “Recycling” of Chapter 286 entitled “Littering; Solid Waste and Recyclables Collection” of the Revised General Ordinances of the Borough of Bradley Beach is hereby amended as follows (stricken text deleted; underlined text added):CHAPTER 286LITTERING; SOLID WASTE AND RECYCLABLES COLLECTION * * * ARTICLE V BULK ITEMS * * * § 286-34 Bulk Sticker Fees for Collection of Bulk Goods.

  • In the event CONTRACTOR fails to collect the Refuse or Recyclables after any such notice, CONTRACTOR shall pay to CITY the sum of Fifty Dollars ($50) per notice as liquidated damages for violation of CONTRACTOR’s obligation to make timely collection.

  • Contractor shall discontinue Municipal Solid Waste and Recyclables collection service to any Residential Establishment as set forth in written notice sent to the Contractor by the Township.

More Definitions of Recyclables

Recyclables means any material, which would otherwise be disposed of or discarded, which is separated from Municipal Waste at the source of generation, so as to render it usable in a process, or alone, such that it can be returned to the economic mainstream in the form of raw materials or products. Examples of recyclables are: newspaper, glass bottles, High Density Polyethylene containers, aluminum food and beverage containers, chipboard, and corrugated containers. Recyclables do not include any of the following, and do not include any materials removed or separated from, or containing the following: Unacceptable Wastes, Landscape Wastes, or Construction or Demolition Debris.
Recyclables means the following items: .
Recyclables means those materials defined as "Recyclables" under Section
Recyclables means materials that have useful physical or chemical properties after serving their original purpose and that can, therefore, be reused or remanufactured into additional products, including refuse derived fuel (RDF).
Recyclables means materials which are intended to be sold or delivered to the open market for recycling or processing into a marketable product.
Recyclables means the following containers, packages and products:
Recyclables means: