Pond definition

Pond means a natural or man-made impoundment of water with a water surface area of one acre or less at the high water level.
Pond means a naturally existing or artificially created body of standing water less than twenty (20) acres in size and not defined as “shorelines of the State” by Chapter 90.58 RCW (Shoreline Management Act). Ponds can include reservoirs which exist on a year-round basis and occur in a depression of land or expanded part of a stream. A pond is bounded by the ordinary high water mark or the extension of the elevation of the pond’s ordinary high water mark within the stream, where the stream enters the pond.
Pond means a naturally existing body of standing water, which exists on a year-round basis and occurs in a depression of land or expanded portion of a stream.

Examples of Pond in a sentence

  • The Pond Creek (Beech Mountain) Watershed Ordinance was not adopted under zoning authority as it is not large enough to qualify for partial-county zoning.

  • MDE recognizes a Soil Conservation District’s or Department designee’s approval of a Small Pond when completed in accordance with the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) Title, Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) MD-378 Standards and Specifications for Ponds (“MD-378 Standards”), and MDE’s policies and procedures (as published on the MDE Dam Safety website).

  • The CONCESSIONAIRE will operate a mobile beach accessory rental and snack food service at Gordon’s Pond, Cape Henlopen State Park.

  • All plans and specifications to construct, reconstruct, alter, repair, or remove, any Small Pond must be reviewed by the Technical Reviewer in accordance with the following: Small Pond construction drawings and design computations must meet the minimum standards of COMAR, MD-378 Standards, and MDE’s policies and procedures.

  • Pond shoreline will be transformed into a healthy native plant community providing buffering for water quality protection as well as healthy aquatic and upland habitat while previously untreated stormwater runoff will be pretreated through installation of an infiltration basin/raingarden.

More Definitions of Pond

Pond means a natural or engineered facility for disposing of fine-grained waste, normally tailings, along with varying amounts of free water, resulting from the treatment of mineral resources and from the clearing and recycling of process water;
Pond means, consistent with R.I. Gen. Laws § 2-1-20(12), a place, natural or manmade, wholly or partly within the State of Rhode Island, where open standing or slowly moving water shall be present for at least six (6) months a year. For the purpose of these Rules, ponds exclude those places within the State of Rhode Island that meet the definition of vernal pool.
Pond means a natural body of water with a volume exceeding
Pond means an earthen-bottomed rearing/holding unit for fish production.
Pond means an excavation that is used for the routine storage and/or disposal of produced water and which is not used for crude oil separation or processing.
Pond means any place or excavation containing water other than sea water;