Class C Sample Clauses

Class C. In consideration of the Distributor's services as distributor for the Class C Shares of a Fund, each Fund shall pay to the Distributor the Distribution Fee as set forth in Schedule II to this Agreement that is payable pursuant to the Fund's Distribution Plan.
Class C. M-1 Component and Class C-M-2 Component. For purposes of calculating distributions of principal and interest and allocation of losses, the Class C-M Certificates will be comprised of two components, having the designations and Initial Component Balances set forth below: Initial Component Designation Balance ----------- ----------------- C-M- 1 Component $20,385,000 C-M-2 Component $48,530,000 Component Certificates................. Class C-M Certificates Delay Certificates..................... Group I Certificates and Group II Certificates.
Class C. Residents at Five Seasons Manufactured Home Community who were Parties to a Lease with Option to Purchase Mobile Home with either MHPI or Five Seasons prior to April 1, 2019 (109 members).
Class C. Class C shall consist of plumbers and pipe fitters registered and available for employment with U. A. Locals 38, 159, 342, 343, and 393, who after notice to the Employment Offices of such Locals that additional employees with specified qualifications will be needed to meet anticipated manpower requirements, have registered with the Employment office of the Union and are available for employment. The registration of these Locals' employees on the "C" list under this procedure is contingent upon the specific Local's permitting the employees qualified under this Agreement to register on an equivalent list in a corresponding manner.
Class C. During night-time, the maximum station power shall be 1 kW. During daytime, the maximum station power shall be: – 1 kW in noise zone 1 – 5 kW in noise zone 2 provided that the protection criteria given in paragraph 4.9 of this Chapter are met.
Class C. All product categories other than Category A-1, Category X-0, Xxxxxxxx X-0, Category A-4 and Class B shall be “Class C” categories. SPE and Marvel shall each have the right to conduct Co-Promotions in which the Tie-In Item is in Class C; however, during all Non-Exclusive Co-Promotion Windows, SPE’s right to conduct such Co-Promotions shall be subject to Marvel’s approval, such approval not to be unreasonably withheld.
Class C. A number of shares of Class C Preferred Stock to be determined at a future date will be reserved for possible issue following the closing of the purchase of the Companies. The liquidation preference of the Class C Preferred Stock will be of equal priority as that of the Class B Preferred Stock, but dividend and redemption payment terms of Class B Preferred Stock will be superior in rights to the Class C shares.
Class C. Teachers, librarians/media-specialists, counselors, and school nurses who have a Bachelor’s degree, plus thirty (30) semester units. A quarter unit is equal to two-thirds (2/3) of a semester unit.
Class C. (g) The Reserve Account Requirement as of the Distribution Date Set forth above ..............
Class C