Recycle definition

Recycle or “recycling” means the process of collecting, sorting, cleansing, treating, and reconstituting materials that would otherwise become solid waste, and returning them to the economic mainstream in the form of raw material for new, reused, or reconstituted products which meet the quality standards necessary to be used in the marketplace. “Recycling” does not include transformation, as defined in California Public Resources Code Section 40201.
Recycle means a process where waste is reclaimed for further use, which process involves the separation of waste from a waste stream for further use and the processing of that separated material as a product or raw material;
Recycle means to prepare used oil for reuse as a petroleum product by refining, rerefining, reclaiming, reprocessing, or other means to utilize used oil in a manner that substitutes for a petroleum product made from new oil, if the preparation or use is operationally safe, environmentally sound, and complies with the law, rules, and regulations of this state and the United States.

Examples of Recycle in a sentence

Recycle: Recovery of demolition or construction waste for subsequent processing in preparation for reuse.

General: Recycle paper and beverage containers used by on-site workers.

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Recycle: To remove a waste material from the project site to another site for remanufacture into a new product for reuse by others.

Prospective bidders are required to comply with Recycle Requirements for the purchase of goods, supplies, equipment, materials and printing with a minimum recycled content to the extent practicable per 200 KAR 5:330.

More Definitions of Recycle

Recycle means use, reuse, or reclamation. Material is used or reused if it is either of the following:
Recycle means to use, reuse, or reclaim a material.
Recycle means the series of activities, including collection, separation, and processing, by which products or other materials are recovered from or otherwise diverted from the solid waste stream for use in the form of raw materials other than fuel for producing heat or power combustion.
Recycle means to do anything that results in providing a use for a thing that otherwise would be disposed of or dealt with as waste, including collecting, transporting, handling, storing, sorting, separating and processing the thing, but does not include the application of waste to land or the use of a thermal destruction process;