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Growth means:

Examples of Growth in a sentence

  • Rowe Price New America Growth Portfolio NAP Mutual Fund - Series T.

  • Rowe Price Blue Chip Growth Portfolio BCP Mutual Fund - Series T.

  • Rowe Price Institutional Large-Cap Core Growth Fund LCC Mutual Fund - Series T.

  • From its formation through the date hereof, the Company has been and is an “emerging growth company,” as defined in Section 2(a) of the Act (an “Emerging Growth Company”).

  • Rowe Price Institutional Large-Cap Growth Fund LCG Mutual Fund - Series T.

More Definitions of Growth

Growth means a student’s continuous improvement toward proficiency or above.
Growth means the increase in the value of investments
Growth means that a school district’s or charter school’s current-year October total enrollment is greater than its prior-year October total enrollment;
Growth or "student growth" means student progress toward achievement as demonstrated through a valid and reliable measure.
Growth means any milk requested by a company above its reference volume.