Success definition

Success means that the Client’s claim is finally decided in his or her favour, whether by a court decision or an agreement to pay damages or in any way that results in the Client deriving a benefit from pursuing the Claim.
Success mode == 0, "result": {
Success prob > p_value, "result": {

Examples of Success in a sentence

Understanding Career Success and Its Contributing Factors for Clinical and Translational Investigators.

Describe each School Quality or Student Success Indicator, including, for each such indicator: (i) how it allows for meaningful differentiation in school performance; (ii) that it is valid, reliable, comparable, and statewide (for the grade span(s) to which it applies); and (iii) of how each such indicator annually measures performance for all students and separately for each subgroup of students.

The referral process shall include Student Success Team (SST) meetings to review prior interventions, accommodations and modifications and to recommend further interventions as appropriate.

Supplemental Funding for Student Wellness and Success (Restricted Fund 467)Nearly all of the new funding for K-12 public education in the FY20-21 Executive Budget is provided through a formula allocating $250 million in FY20 and $358 million in FY21 based upon each district’s percentage of students in households at or below 185% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) and the total number of students enrolled in each district.

Faculty members or the program chair can refer students experiencing difficulty to the Student Success Center for assistance.Failure to achieve a course average of 80 or above by the end of the course will result in course failure and academic dismissal from the program.

More Definitions of Success

Success means the same as "win" in the Conditional Fee Agreement between the solicitor and the client.
Success. True, 'summary_obj': {
Success. False, 'summary_obj': {
Success len(unexpected_values) == 0, "result": {
Success. True, "result": {
Success means that an offender has done all of the following:
Success percent_equaling_1 >= mostly, "result": {