Care provider definition

Care provider means a duly qualified or licensed home health aide or homemaker, personal care aide or nurse provided through a licensed home health care agency or referred by a licensed referral agency or licensed nurses registry.
Care provider means any person who is licensed or authorized to provide care for children and cleared to have unsupervised access to children under the authority of a license.
Care provider means the family member who is providing the required care or bonding.

Examples of Care provider in a sentence

  • Care provider can’t buy and bill the health plan unless the member has Medicare coordination of benefits.

  • The program is not designated as a Gold Seal Quality Care provider and has a single instructional/tutorial purpose and that purpose is the only service that the program provides.

  • A revised service plan should be developed, with consultation from all service providers involved including the Hospice Care provider, based on the client’s needs, preferences and the availability of resources from each provider.

  • You may not change your election under the Day Care Flexible Spending Arrangement if the cost change is imposed by a Day Care provider who is your relative.

  • When the client in an Adult Family Foster Care home receives overnight care in another adult foster care home, the care rate is the same as the adult foster care rate and the procedure code used by the substitute Adult Family Foster Care provider will be the Adult Family Foster Care procedure code.

More Definitions of Care provider

Care provider means any licensed or certified person or organization or staff member of a licensed organization that provides twenty-four-hour care for children.
Care provider means a person who is approved by an agency to provide a family home day care program in the person’s home;
Care provider means a duly qualified or licensed home health aide/homemaker, personal care aide, or nurse:
Care provider means an individual who is trained and authorized by federal or state law to provide health care services or services of any kind in the course of the individual’s official duties, for compensation or in a voluntary capacity, who is a health care provider, emergency medical care provider as defined in Iowa Code section 147A.1, firefighter, or peace officer. “Care provider” also means an individual who renders emergency care or assistance in an emergency or due to an accident as described in Iowa Code section 613.17.
Care provider means a person other than a parent, guardian, or custodian who is providing the child with routine daily care but to whom custody rights have not been transferred by a court.
Care provider means an individual, family member or entity that provides care.
Care provider means a person or organization that by the nature of experience and training is qualified, in the opinion of the board, to provide substance abuse counseling, rehabilitation, or related services to the public through established and recognized treatment programs;