Potential Contractor definition

Potential Contractor means the bidder that is in line for award of the contract in the event that the protest is denied.
Potential Contractor means any person that expressed an interest in concluding an EU contract in cases where a competitive award procedure in the sense of Chapter 2 Section 3 of Book IV did not take place or where he or she was excluded from the participation in such a procedure.
Potential Contractor means any person other than a lottery retailer who submits a bid, proposal, or offer to procure a contract for goods or services for the Commission on an ongoing basis.

Examples of Potential Contractor in a sentence

  • Potential contractor shall supply with their bid a description of the inhibitor treatment used, and quantity of inhibitor used per ton of salt, relative to the solubility and photo decomposition of the treating agent.

More Definitions of Potential Contractor

Potential Contractor means the proposer recommended for award of the contract in the event that the protest is denied.
Potential Contractor means each individual or entity that responds to the Solicitation.
Potential Contractor means any organization or individual that has submitted a proposal, application, or otherwise indicated in writing its intent to apply for or seek a specific contract or other agreement.

Related to Potential Contractor

  • Residential contractor means a licensed contractor that holds an endorsement as a:

  • EPC Contractor means an engineering, procurement, and construction contractor, or if not utilizing an engineering, procurement and construction contractor, the entity having lead responsibility for the management of overall construction activities, selected by Seller, with substantial experience in the engineering, procurement, and construction of power plants of the same type of facility as the Seller’s; provided, however, that the Seller or the Seller’s Affiliate(s) may serve as the EPC Contractor.

  • Contractor means the person, firm, unincorporated association, joint venture, partnership, or corporation that is a party to this contract.

  • General Contractor means a person or entity duly licensed in the state of Florida with the requisite skills, experience and credit worthiness to successfully provide the units required in the Application, and which meets the criteria described in Rule 67-48.0072, F.A.C.

  • Prospective contractor means a person who is subject to the competitive sealed proposal process set forth in the Procurement Code or is not required to submit a competitive sealed proposal because that person qualifies for a sole source or a small purchase contract.

  • Building Contractor means a contractor whose services are limited to construction of commercial buildings and single-dwelling or multiple-dwelling residential buildings, which commercial or residential buildings do not exceed three stories in height, and accessory use structures in connection therewith or a contractor whose services are limited to remodeling, repair, or improvement of any size building if the services do not affect the structural members of the building.

  • Construction Contractor means a person who undertakes to or offers to undertake to, or purports to have the capacity to undertake to, or submits a bid to, or does himself or by or through others, construct, alter, repair, add to, subtract from, improve, move, wreck, or demolish any building, highway, road, railroad, excavation, or other structure, project, development, or improvement to real property, or to do any part thereof. "Construction contractor" includes subcontractors, specialty contractors, prime contractors, and any person receiving consideration for the general supervision and/or coordination of such a construction project except for remediation contracting. This definition shall govern without regard to whether or not the construction contractor is acting in fulfillment of a contract.

  • Prime Contractor as used in this clause, means a person who has entered into a prime contract with the United States.

  • Contractors means the bidder whose bid has been accepted by the COE;

  • O&M Contractor means the person, if any, with whom the Concessionaire has entered into an O&M Contract for discharging O&M obligations for and on behalf of the Concessionaire;

  • Major Subcontractor as used in this clause, means a subcontractor that is awarded a subcontract that equals or exceeds—

  • Plumbing contractor means the Contractor doing Plumbing and Fire Protection Work including Sprinkler Work.

  • Electrical contractor means an electrical contractor as defined in the Regulations;

  • Sub-Contractor means the person named in the Contract for any part of the works or any person to whom any part of the contract has been sublet by the contractor with the consent in writing of the Engineer-in-charge and will include the legal representatives, successors and permitted assigns of such persons.

  • Contract Work means everything required to be furnished and done by the Contractor by any one or more of the parts of the Contract referred to in Article 1, except Extra Work as hereinafter defined.

  • Subcontractor means any supplier, distributor, vendor, or firm that furnishes supplies or services to or for a prime contractor or another subcontractor.

  • Contractor/Supplier means the person or company whose tender is accepted by the Purchaser and shall be deemed to include the Contractor’s successors, heirs, executors, administrators, representatives and assigns approved by the Purchaser.

  • Lead Contractor means a person who has met the Board's requirements and has been issued a license by the Board to enter into contracts to perform lead abatements.

  • principal contractor means an employer appointed by the client to perform construction work;

  • Contractor Parties means a Contractor’s members, directors, officers, shareholders, partners, managers, principal officers, representatives, agents, servants, consultants, employees or any one of them or any other person or entity with whom the Contractor is in privity of oral or written contract (e.g. subcontractor) and the Contractor intends for such other person or entity to perform under the Contract in any capacity. For the purpose of this Contract, vendors of support services, not otherwise known as human service providers or educators, shall not be considered subcontractors, e.g. lawn care, unless such activity is considered part of a training, vocational or educational program.

  • Sub-subcontractor means any Person, including an Equipment supplier or vendor, who has a direct or indirect contract with a Subcontractor or another Sub-subcontractor to manufacture or supply Equipment which comprises a portion of the Work, to lease Construction Equipment to Subcontractor or another Sub-subcontractor in connection with the Work, to perform a portion of the Work or to otherwise furnish labor or materials.

  • Subcontractors means subcontractors or subconsultants at any tier that are under the direct or indirect control or responsibility of the Contractor, and includes all independent contractors, agents, employees, authorized resellers, or anyone else for whom the Contractor may be liable at any tier, including a person or entity that is, or will be, providing or performing an essential aspect of this Contract, including Contractor’s manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers.

  • Contractor Project Manager means the employee identified in a Statement of Work as the Contractor project manager.