Potential Contractor definition

Potential Contractor means any person that expressed an interest in concluding an EU contract in cases where a competitive award procedure in the sense of Chapter 2 Section 3 of Book IV did not take place or where he or she was excluded from the participation in such a procedure.
Potential Contractor means each individual or entity that responds to the Solicitation.

Examples of Potential Contractor in a sentence

Potential Providers MUST note that, upon receipt of a call from Grampian Police to undertake these services the Potential Contractor MUST attend the locus within ONE (1) hour of receiving the call to conduct these services.

All potential Contractors or Vendors must complete and return to the Corporation with their proposal or bid response to a Corporation solicitation, the Affirmation of Understanding of and Agreement, and Potential Contractor or Vendor Disclosure of Prior Non-Responsibility Determinations, Lobbying Law Forms 1 and 2, respectively.

If the Potential Contractor fails to specify the Cost Proposal as required, the County shall determine the proposal to be non-responsive and reject it.

Signature and Title of Authorized Official DateATTACHMENT G.1 CERTIFICATION OF PRIMARY PARTICIPANTSREGARDING RESTRICTIONS ON LOBBYING I, (Name and Title of Grantee Official or Potential Contractor for a Major Third Party Contract), hereby certify on behalf of (Name of Grantee or Potential Contractor) that: 1.

Identifying Data Name of Potential Contractor: Street Address: City, State, zip code: Telephone: Name: Title: Signature: Joint or combined bids by companies or firms must be certified on behalf of each participant.

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