Definition of Post-Termination Payments

Post-Termination Payments means the Severance Benefit and any other payments which the Company may be obligated to make to the Executive pursuant to the terms of this Agreement, with the specific exception of any payments made from funds in the Deferred Compensation Plan, which funds shall be handled in the manner set forth in such plan.
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Examples of Post-Termination Payments in a sentence

If the Executive violates Sections 1 or 2 of this Release Agreement, the Employer will be entitled to the immediate repayment of the Post-Termination Payments.
Severance Payments and other benefits provided for in this Section 6 are in addition to any other payments or benefits arising upon a Change of Control under any other agreement or plan, program or arrangement maintained by the Company other than the Post-Termination Payments described in Section 5.3.
If the Executive violates Sections 1 or 2 of this Release Agreement before all of the Post-Termination Payments have been provided, the Employer may discontinue any unpaid conditional payments and benefits.
In the event Company terminates your employment hereunder other than for cause, you shall be entitled to continued payments equal in amount to your salary payments provided for in 3.(a), above (hereinafter, Post-Termination Payments), payable in the same manner as such compensation was paid prior to termination, for the longer of the balance of the Term or one (1) year.
Post-Termination Payments shall be payable in equal monthly installments, with payment(s) beginning after the effective date of the Release.