Percentage Option definition

Percentage Option means the method of determining the amount of the Insurance Benefit with respect to a Loan set forth in Section V., C., 2.
Percentage Option means the settlement of a Claim as described in Section 73.
Percentage Option means the settlement of a Claim as described in Section 73. “Perfected Claim” has the meaning set forth in Sections 66, 67 and 68.

Examples of Percentage Option in a sentence

  • Thereafter, following the Insured's acquisition of the Borrower's Title to the Property, the Insured shall be entitled to file a supplemental Claim in an amount equal to the sum of the Advances not included in the initial Claim, plus any Deficiency Expenses (See Section I.,R.) subject to the limitations and deductions of Section V., B., (Calculation of Claim Amount) and such supplemental Claim shall be paid by the Company in accordance with the Percentage Option.

  • The Pre-Arranged Sale Option is an amount equal to the lesser of the Percentage Option or the Insured's actual loss in connection with a Pre-Arranged Sale of the Property.

  • If the Company so directs, at any time after receiving the Insured's notice of Default, the Insured shall file a Claim within twenty (20) days and the Company may elect to pay the Insurance Benefit pursuant to the Percentage Option.

  • Further, in the event the Property is redeemed after the payment of the Percentage Option, the Insured shall be obligated to promptly refund to the Company the amount, if any, by which the redemption price plus the Insurance Benefit exceeds the Claim Amount.

  • If the Insurance Benefit is calculated pursuant to the Percentage Option, the Percentage Option will also be used to calculate the amount of any benefit payable under the supplemental Claim.

  • If we pay an Insurance Benefit under this Section 62, including any supplemental Claim, it will be paid under the Percentage Option.

  • If the sale does not close within the 210-day period after the Claim was initially filed, we may settle the Claim under the Anticipated Loss Option or the Percentage Option, whichever is less.

  • If we approve a Third-Party Sale within the Claim Settlement Period, we will pay you the lesser of (i) the Claim Amount less Net Proceeds of such Third-Party Sale and less any reduction for Physical Damage, as described in Section 77, or Incomplete Construction, as described in Section 78, or (ii) the amount calculated under the Percentage Option.

  • Percentage Option means the method of determining the amount of the Insurance Benefit with respect to a Loan set forth in Section V., C., 2.

  • Anticipated Loss means, in connection with a Claim, an amount equal to the Company's cost of paying the full Claim Amount calculated in accordance with Section V., B., less the amount the Company reasonably anticipates receiving as net proceeds of the sale of the Property, subtracting also from such proceeds all anticipated costs of the sale and holding costs, but in any event, such amount shall never be greater than the Loss calculated under the Percentage Option in accordance with Section V., C., 2.

More Definitions of Percentage Option

Percentage Option means the claim payment option under a mortgage guaranty insurance policy pursuant to which the insurance benefit is calculated as a percentage of the default UPB plus interest and certain costs up to date of claim filing. The Mortgage Insurance Coverage Payment obligation of GMACM shall be tracked by GMACM on a quarterly basis, with the first reporting to be provided on April 30, 2011, reporting as of March 31, 2011, all Covered Mortgages on which mortgage insurance has been rescinded and which have not been repurchased by GMACM. This reporting and payment obligation shall continue quarterly until such time as the parties otherwise agree to a different resolution of this obligation, and otherwise until the final payment or other resolution or liquidation of all Covered Mortgages. In the event GMACM is able to get Mortgage Insurance Coverage reinstated and receives payment proceeds thereon from the mortgage insurance company on loans on which it has previously remitted the Mortgage Insurance Coverage Payment to Xxxxxx Mae, GMACM shall be entitled to retain such payment proceeds.
Percentage Option means the method of determining the amount of Insurance Benefit with respect to a Loan as set forth in Section 8.4(a)(ii).

Related to Percentage Option

  • Shoe Option means the Initial Purchasers’ option to purchase up to seventy five million dollars ($75,000,000) aggregate principal amount of additional Notes as provided for in the Purchase Agreement.

  • Vesting Percentage has the meaning specified in Section 3(a).

  • 3(i) Option means an Option granted pursuant to Section 3(i) of the Ordinance to any person who is Non- Employee.

  • Performance Option means an Incentive Stock Option or Nonqualified Stock Option, the grant of which or the exercisability of all or a portion of which is contingent upon the attainment of specified Performance Measures within a specified Performance Period.

  • Non-PO Percentage As to any Discount Mortgage Loan, a fraction (expressed as a percentage) the numerator of which is the Adjusted Net Mortgage Rate of such Discount Mortgage Loan and the denominator of which is the Required Coupon. As to any Non-Discount Mortgage Loan, 100%.

  • Outstanding Options means, in relation to a Participant, Options which remain unexercised from time to time and have not lapsed or been surrendered and the right to exercise that Option lost.

  • Call Option Period has the meaning given to it in Condition 6.04 (Call Option);

  • Grant Year has the same meaning as in subclause 1(1) of Schedule 1 of HESA; ‘HESA’ means the Higher Education Support Xxx 0000; ‘maximum basic grant amount’ or ‘MBGA’ has the same meaning as in subclause 1(1) of Schedule 1 of HESA.

  • Vested Percentage means the sum of the following percentages: (i) 2% multiplied by your Years of Service, plus (ii) 8% multiplied by the number of Years you have been designated a participant in the Plan; provided, however, (w) prior to completing five Years of Service the Vested Percentage is 0,(x) on or prior to your fiftieth birthday your Vested Percentage may not exceed 50%, (y) on or prior to each of your birthdays following your fiftieth birthday your Vested Percentage may not exceed the sum of 50% plus the product obtained by multiplying 5% by the number of birthdays that have occurred following your fiftieth birthday, and (z) your Vested Percentage in no event may exceed 100%.

  • Over-Allotment Option means the option of the Underwriters to purchase up to an additional 15 per cent of the firm units (as described in the Articles) issued in the IPO at a price equal to US$10 per unit, less underwriting discounts and commissions.

  • Top-Up Option has the meaning set forth in Section 1.4(a).

  • Interest Option has the meaning given such term in Section 2.5(c).

  • Covered Call Option means an exchange traded option entitling the holder, upon timely exercise and payment of the exercise price, as specified therein, to purchase from the writer thereof the specified underlying Securities (excluding Futures Contracts) which are owned by the writer thereof and subject to appropriate restrictions.

  • Purchase Percentage for an Origination Period, means, the percentage equal or greater than to (i) the aggregate Outstanding Principal Balance of all Receivables originated or acquired by the Seller to be sold to the Transferor on the related Closing Date pursuant to the Master Sale Agreement divided by (ii) the aggregate principal balance of all receivables originated or acquired by the Seller that meet the criteria described in the definition of “Eligible Receivable” and such other documented administrative criteria as the Purchasers may agree to from time to time during such Origination Period (which, for purposes of clause (ii) shall be reduced by the aggregate principal balance of receivables with respect to which the applicable obligor has exercised its right to return the related financed vehicle and terminate the related receivable). In no event shall the Purchase Percentage be less than 100%, other than during the period from October 1, 2020 through November 14, 2020 when the Purchase Percentage will be 0%, and, in the event the Seller or the Transferor shall fail to notify the Purchasers of the Purchase Percentage for any Origination Period, the Purchase Percentage from the prior Origination Period shall apply."

  • Option Date means, with respect to any Stock Option, the date on which the Stock Option is awarded under the Plan.

  • Call Option Date As defined in Section 10.01(a) hereof.

  • Eligible Shares has the meaning set forth in Section 4(b).

  • Option Period means the period during which an Option may be exercised.

  • Director Option means a Nonstatutory Stock Option granted to each Eligible Director pursuant to Section 6.7 without any action by the Board or the Committee.

  • Purchase Option Period As defined in Section 9.03(a) hereof.

  • Annual Installment Method means the method used to determine the amount of each payment due to a Participant who has elected to receive a benefit over a period of years in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Plan. The amount of each annual payment due to the Participant shall be calculated by multiplying the balance of the Participant’s benefit by a fraction, the numerator of which is one and the denominator of which is the remaining number of annual payments due to the Participant. The amount of the first annual payment shall be calculated as of the close of business on or around the Participant’s Benefit Distribution Date, and the amount of each subsequent annual payment shall be calculated on or around each anniversary of such Benefit Distribution Date. For purposes of this Plan, the right to receive a benefit payment in annual installments shall be treated as the entitlement to a single payment.

  • Vested Option means any Option, which has already been vested according to the Vesting Dates.

  • Strike Percentage means 100%

  • Aggregate Option Exercise Price means the aggregate amount that would be paid to the Company in respect of all Company Options (other than Out-of-Money Options) had such Company Options been exercised in full (and assuming concurrent payment in full of the exercise price of each such Company Option solely in cash), immediately prior to the Closing in accordance with the terms of the applicable option award agreement with the Company pursuant to which such Company Options were issued.

  • Vested Portion means, at any time, the portion of an Option which has become vested, as described in Section 3 of this Agreement.

  • Performance Percentage means the factor determined pursuant to a Performance Schedule that is to be applied to a Target Award and that reflects actual performance compared to the Performance Target.