SCD definition

SCD means current City of Winnipeg Parks Planning Standard Construction Detail Drawings.
SCD means a subunit of an institution, such as a school, college, division, or department, which is responsible for overseeing the institution’s educator preparation programs.

Examples of SCD in a sentence

  • Any risks identified in achieving this should be detailed in the CRA and mitigating actions within the SCD accordingly.

  • Aided Institutions and 75% seats of Self Financing Institutes as follows: 1stcounseling: shall be done for all categories namely RoHC, HOGC, HGST, SC, SC-D, BC-A, BC-B, PH, ESM (with all priorities) and FF of all categories with 25% Horizontal Female reservation.2nd counseling: shall be done for all categories namely RoHC, HOGC, HGST, SC (by merging SC and SC-D in SC), BC (by merging BCA and BCB in BC) and merging all ESM (all priorities) and FF with 25% Horizontal Female reservation.

  • The CRA will form the basis of a set of orders presented in the form of a Supervisory Care Directive (SCD).

  • BENTLEY 665D ELIZABETH MOLINA *Granted SCD – Employer Cannot Accommodate**Granted SCD – Retroactive Employer Cannot Accommodate 666D* DOUGLAS IKETANI 667D STEPHEN A.

  • Introduction and Purpose of Supervisory Care Directive, to include a statement from the Commander directing that the SCD be taken as their orders for the running of the Supervisory Care regime in the establishment.

More Definitions of SCD

SCD means an instantaneous or near-instantaneous unexplained death that occurs without warning or within one hour of non-diagnostic symptoms, or an unexpected sudden death in which criteria for a fatal coronary, cerebrovascular event or other cause or event are not met.
SCD means [Insert the Date that is eighteen (18) months from the Effective Date of the SECI-SPD PPA];
SCD means “ Deprived Schedule Caste of Haryana
SCD means “Deprived Scheduled Caste” of Haryana.
SCD means date as on thirteen (13)/fifteen (15) months (as applicable) from the effective date of the SECI-SPD PPA;
SCD means [Insert a date as on 18 months from the Effective Date];