Private garage definition

Private garage. - means a building or part thereof which is used for the sheltering of private motor vehicles and storage of household equipment incidental to the residential occupancy and in which there are no facilities for repairing or servicing of such vehicles for remuneration or commercial use.
Private garage means an enclosed or partially enclosed structure for the storage of one or more vehicles, in which structure no business or service is conducted for profit or otherwise.
Private garage means an Accessory Residential Building or a part of a main residential building which accommodates the storage or shelter of vehicles and includes a carport.

Examples of Private garage in a sentence

  • Private garage space for the storage of commercial vehicles used in conjunction with a permitted business use.

  • Private garage as an accessory use, subject to the special regulations of Article XV of this chapter.

  • Private garage means- (a) ý any garage associated with a Class 1 building.

  • The DRC is made up of State and Commonwealth Ministers who make decisions about disability policy and services.

  • Private garage for not more than three (3) automobiles, one of which may be commercial vehicle if not exceeding two and one half (2 ½) tons in gross weight.

More Definitions of Private garage

Private garage means an accessory building for the storage of passenger automobiles of owners or tenants of the main building.
Private garage means a building or portion of a building for the housing of motor vehicles as an accessory use permitted in a residential district or an apartment district and in which no service, work, trade, occupation, or business is carried on connected in any way with a motor vehicle as defined by Ohio Revised Code Section 4511.01.
Private garage means a building used only for the housing of motor vehicles, without their equipage for operation, repair, hire or sale.
Private garage means an accessory building designed or used for the storage of not more than four automobiles owned and used by the occupants of the building to which it is accessory; provided, that on a lot occupied by a multiple dwelling, the private garage may be designed and used for the storage of one and one-half times as many automobiles as there are dwelling units in the multiple dwelling. A garage shall be considered part of a dwelling if the garage and the dwelling have a roof or shared wall in common. A private garage may not be used for storage of more than one truck for each family dwelling upon the premises, and no such truck shall exceed two and one-half tons capacity.
Private garage means an accessory building (detached garage) or portion of a dwelling house (attached garage) which is fully enclosed and used for the sheltering of permitted vehicles. and/or storage ancillary to a residential use and/or a home industry or home occupation where authorized by the regulations of this Zoning By- law. This definition shall not include a carport, bunkhouse, habitable room or other open shelter, except that the second storey of an attached garage may be utilized as a habitable room.2.78 GAZEBO
Private garage means a garage on the same lot as the residence, designed to house one or more motor vehicles. A private garage may house more than two motor vehicles if the area of the lot on which the garage is located contains 3000 square feet or more for each motor vehicle to be stored there.
Private garage means a building or part thereof used for the temporary parking or storage of private passenger motor vehicles and wherein neither servicing or repairing is carried on for remuneration.