Pedestrian definition

Pedestrian means any person afoot.
Pedestrian means any person afoot. A person who uses an
Pedestrian means a person traveling:

Examples of Pedestrian in a sentence

  • Pedestrian sidewalks will be provided where appropriate to facilitate connections throughout the neighbourhood to destinations with the exact location to be determined prior to Draft Plan Approval.

  • That received Final Plat approval prior to the enactment of this Pedestrian and Bicycle Path Amendment.

  • Using an MMLOS equivalent to the Bicycle / Pedestrian Environmental Quality Index (BEQI/PEQI).o 100‐86 (A)o 85‐71 (B)o 70‐66 (C)o 65‐51 (D)o 50> (E & F)When alternative analysis methods are used results from both methodologies and justification for alternative analysis shall be documented.No standard significance thresholds have been established for Bike, Pedestrian, and Transit LOS using HCM 2010 methodologies.

  • Pedestrian movements shown in the figure below need to be counted or estimated in order to calculate pedestrian level of service.

  • Figure 1: Peak Hr. Pedestrian Movements Transit Volumes Currently line level transit frequency and load factor data may be available from the Short Range Transit Plan or the Transit Manager.

More Definitions of Pedestrian

Pedestrian means any natural person afoot. (ORC 4511.01(X))
Pedestrian means any natural person afoot.
Pedestrian means an individual who is not an occupant of an automobile;
Pedestrian means any person afoot. A person who uses an electric personal assistive mobility device or a manual or motorized wheelchair is considered a pedestrian unless the manual wheelchair qualifies as a bicycle. For the purposes of this paragraph, "motorized wheelchair" means a self‑propelled wheelchair that is used by a person for mobility.
Pedestrian. “Pedestrian” means any person afoot or confined in a wheelchair. [1983 c.338 §69]
Pedestrian means any person on foot or any person in a manually or mechanically propelled wheelchair or other low-powered, mechanically propelled vehicle designed specifically for use by a physically disabled person.
Pedestrian means any natural person afoot. "Pedestrian" includes a personal delivery device as defined in section 4511.513 of the Revised Code unless the context clearly suggests otherwise.