OnBoard definition

OnBoard means the software service known as “OnBoard” located at the URL xxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxx.xxx (or any successor URL) which establishes the framework for the creation of OnBoard Site(s) (defined below) and the transfer, storage and rendering of Posted Content. OnBoard includes remote access to the Software (defined below).
OnBoard means onboard any means of transport used by the Carrier for a Combined Transport Shipment.

Examples of OnBoard in a sentence

  • Taiwan Vishay Measurements Group UK Limited United Kingdom Vishay PM Group Limited United Kingdom Vishay PM Onboard Limited United Kingdom Tedea-Huntleigh Europe Ltd.

  • Owner warrants that it has a policy on Drug and Alcohol Abuse (“Policy”) applicable to the Vessels which meets or exceeds the standards in the OCIMF Guidelines for the Control of Drugs and Alcohol Onboard Ship.

  • Onboard goods and services rendered may be paid at disembarkation.

  • Onboard Flow looks to compete based on ease of adoption, ease of use and affordability.

  • Owner warrants that it has a policy on Drug and Alcohol Abuse (“Policy”) applicable to the Vessel which meets or exceeds the standards in the OCIMF Guidelines for the Control of Drugs and Alcohol Onboard Ship.

  • Onboard Services o Continental has right to determine meal/beverage service parameters and scheduling for Scheduled Flights.

  • Flight Operations will work with the Onboard Division to seek opportunities to minimize flight attendant activity in the area of door 1L during periods of pilot crew rest.

  • Owners warrant that they have a policy on Drug and Alcohol Abuse (“Policy”) applicable to the vessel, which meets or exceeds the standards in the Oil Companies International Marine Forum Guidelines for the Control of Drugs and Alcohol Onboard Ships.

  • Owners warrant that they have a policy on drug and alcohol abuse (“Policy”) applicable to the vessel which meets or exceeds the standards in the Oil Companies International Marine Forum Guidelines for the Control of Drugs and Alcohol Onboard Ship.

  • Vishay Measurements Group UK Limited Vishay PM Group Limited Vishay PM Onboard Limited Vishay Precision Group, Inc.

More Definitions of OnBoard

OnBoard means to enable or permit a technical integration with an ISV and the WhatsApp Business Solution (including messages), and/or give an ISV access to, the WhatsApp Business Solution (including messages).
OnBoard means the process of performing due diligence, authenticating per regulatory standards and opening a Reseller account for Prospects.

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  • Spares means a part or a sub-assembly or assembly for substitution which is ready to replace an identical or similar part or sub-assembly or assembly including a component or an accessory;

  • Sailboat means the same as that term is defined in Section 73-18-2.

  • Vessels shall have the meaning set forth in the recitals.

  • passenger ship means a ship which carries more than 12 passengers;

  • Freeboard means a factor of safety usually expressed in feet above a flood level for purposes of floodplain management. "Freeboard" tends to compensate for the many unknown factors that could contribute to flood heights greater than the height calculated for a selected size flood and floodway conditions, such as wave action, blockage of bridge or culvert openings, and the hydrological effect of urbanization of the watershed.

  • Loader means any type of off-road tractor with either tracks or rubber tires that uses a bucket on the end of movable arms to lift and move material; can be also referred to as a front-end loader, front loader, skid steer loader, backhoe, rubber- tired loader, or wheeled loader.

  • Grease means an organic substance recoverable by procedures set forth in "Standard Methods" and includes but is not limited to hydrocarbons, esters, fats, oils, waxes and high molecular carboxylic acids;

  • Tanker in relation to chapter 4 means an oil tanker as defined in MARPOL Annex I, regulation 1 or a chemical tanker or an NLS tanker as defined in MARPOL Annex II, regulation 1.

  • Cargo means any property carried on an aircraft other than mail, stores and accompanied or mishandled baggage;

  • Skateboard means a board with small wheels that is usually ridden by a person. For purposes of these rules, a nonmotorized scooter (a board with a handle) is considered a skateboard.

  • Flight means any flight demonstration, flight test, taxi test, or other flight made in the performance of this contract, of for the purpose of safeguarding the aircraft, or previously approved in writing by the Contracting Officer.

  • Incineration means an engineered process involving burning or combustion of solid waste to thermally degrade waste materials at high temperatures;

  • NBOME means the National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners, an organization that prepares and administers qualifying examinations for osteopathic physicians.

  • Cultivation site means a location where cannabis is planted, grown, harvested, dried, cured, graded, or trimmed, or a location where any combination of those activities occurs.

  • Diesel engine means an internal combustion, compression-ignition (CI) engine with operating characteristics significantly similar to the theoretical diesel combustion cycle. The regulation of power by controlling fuel supply in lieu of a throttle is indicative of a compression ignition engine.

  • information society service means a service as defined in point (b) of Article 1(1) of Directive (EU) 2015/1535 of the European Parliament and of the Council;

  • Vessel means the vessel/craft belonging to the Contractor for carrying out the work.

  • Boot camp means a short term secure or nonsecure juvenile residential facility with highly

  • FPSO means a floating production, storage and offloading system used by the offshore oil and gas industry for the production or processing of hydrocarbons and for storage of hydrocarbons. FSOs and FLNGs are included within this definition. The determination as to whether a particular property constitutes an FPSO shall be at the sole determination of the Underwriter.

  • Tugs means dedicated vessels that push or pull other vessels in ports, harbors, and inland waterways (e.g., tugboats and towboats).

  • Port means a line or trunk connection point, including a line card and associated peripheral equipment, on a Central Office Switch but does not include Switch features. The Port serves as the hardware termination for line or Trunk Side facilities connected to the Central Office Switch. Each Line Side Port is typically associated with one or more telephone numbers that serve as the Customer's network address.

  • Overhaul means the full reconditioning of the Aircraft, an Engine, APU, Landing Gear, module or Part, as the case may be, in which such equipment has been fully disassembled; cleaned; thoroughly inspected; and returned to the highest standard specified by the applicable manufacturer's manual.

  • Outdoor cultivation means the cultivation of mature cannabis without the use of artificial lighting or light deprivation in the canopy area at any point in time. Artificial lighting is permissible only to maintain immature plants outside the canopy area.

  • Passenger vessel means any boat, ship, vessel,

  • Crew means the Master, officers and ratings of the numbers, rank and nationality specified in Annex “B” attached hereto.

  • Firefighter means any regular, paid or volunteer, member of a lawfully constituted fire department of a municipal corporation, township, fire district, or village.