Loader definition

Loader means any type of off-road tractor with either tracks or rubber tires that uses a bucket on the end of movable arms to lift and move material; can be also referred to as a front-end loader, front loader, skid steer loader, backhoe, rubber- tired loader, or wheeled loader.
Loader means and include a worker engaged in the sorting, packing, wrapping, slicing or loading of bread.
Loader means an enterprise which loads packaged goods, small containers or portable tanks into or onto a wagon or a container, or which loads a container, bulk-container, multiple-element gas container, tank-container or portable tank onto a wagon;

Examples of Loader in a sentence

  • The include compiler and assembler toolchains, functional ISA simulator (spike), the Berkeley Boot Loader (BBL) and proxy kernel.

  • The loaded executable will run in machine mode until it sends a command through the tohost register telling the FESVR to power off the SoC.However, for booting the Linux Kernel, you will need to use a second-stage bootloader called the Berkeley Boot Loader, or BBL.

  • The Berkeley Boot Loader and RISC-V Linux For baremetal programs, the story ends here.

  • In other cases the Flash Loader is not available anymore and the user data download is completed.

  • The result of input processors will be appended to an internal list (in the Loader) containing the collected values (for that field).

More Definitions of Loader

Loader means any enterprise which:
Loader means any enterprise which loads dangerous goods into a vehicle or large container;
Loader means an employee engaged in the transferring of stitches onto the needles of a bar or magazine;
Loader shall refer to an Employee who picks, or is assigned on the Ex- tra Board, the task of selling passage; but who does not drive the convey- ance for which the passage is sold. A Streetcar Operator who is assigned to loading duties may be assigned other duties during his/her shift.
Loader means an employee not defined elsewhere in this agreement who is engaged in loading or unloading any goods, wares, merchandise or materials on to or from any vehicle and in work incidental to such loading or unloading; and a person engaged as a motor driver’s assistant but who performs work on the waterfront of the nature usually performed by a loader shall be deemed to be a loader whilst performing such work.
Loader means an employee engaged in the loading or off-loading of vehicles or rail transportation;
Loader shall refer to an FTO who picks, or is assigned on the Extra Board, the task of collecting/checking fares; but who does not drive the conveyance for which the fares are used.