Cargo definition

Cargo means any property carried on an aircraft other than mail, stores and accompanied or mishandled baggage;
Cargo means cargoes of any description;
Cargo means any goods, wares, merchandise and articles of every kind whatsoever carried in the containers.

Examples of Cargo in a sentence

  • Equipment means any plant, machinery, Container, package, case, pallet, vehicle, trailer, truck or wagon of any description which is not owned or leased by Operator and which is not Cargo.

  • Operator shall not be liable for loss of or damage to any Vessel, Equipment or Cargo unless the User can establish that the loss or damage was directly caused by Operator or any other party for whom Operator is responsible whilst (i) in respect of Cargo or Equipment, the same was in the Custody of Operator or any other party for whom Operator is responsible or (ii) in respect of the Vessel, the same was at the Terminal.

  • Contract of Carriage means a bill of lading or other transport document, evidencing contracts of carriage, being issued in respect of Cargo.

  • Cargo means any goods, merchandise or other property whatsoever, whether or not in a Container and includes goods carried on Equipment (other than a Container).

  • The User is solely responsible for arranging insurance or ensuring that insurance has been arranged in relation to any Cargo, Equipment, Vessel, subcontractor, agent or any person which or who may, at the instruction or direction of or on behalf of the User, enter upon the Terminal.

More Definitions of Cargo

Cargo means any property intended for carriage on an aircraft, other than baggage, mail, air carrier mail, air carrier materials and in-flight supplies;
Cargo. ’ means property, mail, or both.
Cargo means goods carried on a conveyance or in a container;
Cargo means goods of any kind, size or weight/measurement whatsoever, transported or to be transported in a Container, or an Out of Gauge Container and includes any Non-containerised Cargo carried on a Container Ship;
Cargo means (i) any goods or articles of any kind whatsoever including Hazardous Cargo, transported in a Container, Non-standard Container or Out of Gauge Container, excluding Non- containerised Cargo and (ii) empty Containers;