Crew definition

Crew means the Master, officers and ratings of the numbers, rank and nationality specified in Annex “B” attached hereto.
Crew means a person employed or engaged in any capacity on-board a vessel on the business of the vessel;
Crew means a member of the flight crew, a cabin crew member or a person carried on the aircraft who is appointed by the operator of the aircraft to give or to supervise the training, practice and periodical tests required in respect of the crew under paragraph 27(2);

Examples of Crew in a sentence

The successful bidder shall earn the lesser wage rate for the job he holds or the job he has been awarded, with the exception of being awarded a Crew Leader position.

Such employees will be considered on probation for ninety (90) days, and if, for some reason, they cannot fulfill the requirements of the job they will be returned to their former classification and retain all the seniority accrued before the promotion, including time spent in the Crew Leader’s classification, up to ninety (90) days.

If it is necessary to replace a Crew Leader for crew work, and no other Crew Leader is available, another Journeyman may be called to complete the assignment and the senior Journeyman will be upgraded to Crew Leader.

If the remaining employee at that location is a Crew Leader, he shall be grandfathered at the Crew Leader rate of pay for the duration of his employment as long as he stays in Stores.

A Journeyman’s seniority shall include all time served as a Crew Leader or Temporary Foreman.

More Definitions of Crew

Crew. ’ means any employee of a licensee or transferee, or of a contractor or subcontrac- tor of a licensee or transferee, who performs activities in the course of that employment di- rectly relating to the launch, reentry, or other operation of or in a launch vehicle or reentry vehicle that carries human beings.
Crew means a group of up to five officers assigned under the control of a Crew Leader to undertake incident management duties.
Crew means collectively the persons, other than officers and the Master, serving in any capacity on board a vessel;
Crew means the master, officers, employees, ratings and other crew members of a Vessel.
Crew means the Master, officers and ratings employed on the 9Vessel from time to timeof the numbers, rank and nationality specified in Annex “B” attached hereto. 10
Crew means the Master, officers and ratings of the Vessel.
Crew means the Vessel’s Master, officers and crew and any supernumeraries carried on board save for the Security Personneland Local Security Personnel.