Crew definition

Crew. Means Supervisors, Operators, Drives, Handymen/ Helper(s)/Jugalees attached to the vehicle(s)/equipment, as defined in the Clause: 1.13, 4.10.
Crew means the Master, officers and ratings of the numbers, rank and nationality specified in Annex “B” attached hereto.

Examples of Crew in a sentence

  • The Managers will provide such information as requested by relevant brokers and/or P&I Club managers to enable such brokers or managers to prepare and process all Crew insurance claims with the Owners’ approval.

  • EUROPE/1011979779.40 3.6 Local Content Obligations (a) The Operator shall hire, retain and train, or procure the hiring, retaining and training of, all Personnel required to perform the Operating Services (the "Crew"), giving priority to the recruitment of qualified Mauritanian and Senegalese personnel, to the extent that the necessary expertise is locally available.

  • Other Crew costs are charged at cost including: Crew Travel Crew Wages ITF fee, SEPF PNO fee Victualling at US$8.00 (excluding bottle of water) D&A testing Crew welfare Mail for Crew Newslink Bank charges Technical Stores, Spares, Lub Oils, Surveys & Services, Chemicals, Repairs Safety & Risk Administration / Overheads Registration Expenses, Management Fees, Management Expenses, Other Costs OPERATING COSTS EXCL.

More Definitions of Crew

Crew means the master, officers, employees, ratings and other crew members of a Vessel.
Crew means the skipper and all persons employed or engaged in any capacity on board a vessel on the business of that vessel.
Crew shall have the meaning set forth in clause 1 of each Shipmanagement Agreement.
Crew. ’ means any employee of a licensee or transferee, or of a contractor or subcontrac- tor of a licensee or transferee, who performs activities in the course of that employment di- rectly relating to the launch, reentry, or other operation of or in a launch vehicle or reentry vehicle that carries human beings.
Crew means any person employed in duties on board any vessel or aircraft during a voyage or flight, whether or not such a person is on any crew list;