Definition of NYISO Rules

NYISO Rules means the NYISO Tariff and all NYISO manuals, rules, procedures, agreements or other documents relating to operations in NYISO electric markets and to sales of capacity, energy and ancillary services as such govern the participation of market participants with respect thereto in the NYISO Markets, as in effect from time to time.

Examples of NYISO Rules in a sentence

For the duration of the Contract Term, Seller shall: (a) comply with applicable NRC requirements (including insurance requirements); (b) maintain the Facility in Commercial Operation in good operating condition in accordance with Good Utility Practice; and (c) operate the Facility in compliance with the NYISO Rules.
Loan Parties will comply (or ensure that BEC complies) in all material respects with all reporting and other requirements under NYISO Rules applicable to the sale and delivery of capacity, energy and ancillary services in the NYISO Markets.
Seller shall comply in all material respects with all NYISO Rules necessary for all Products to be sold, delivered, made available and received, including, without limitation, all product certification and testing requirements under NYISO Rules.