Definition of Minimum Volume Commitment

Minimum Volume Commitment means, pursuant to a gas gathering or similar agreement, a commitment of a third party to deliver specified minimum volumes of natural gas to the gathering systems of the Partnership.
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Examples of Minimum Volume Commitment in a sentence

Initial Term has the meaning set forth in Section 2.2. Losses has the meaning set forth in Section 12.2. Minimum Capacity has the meaning set forth in Section 3.3. Minimum Volume Commitment means 7,600 Barrels per Day multiplied times the number of Days during the applicable calendar Month.
For each Quarter during the Term, Customer shall be obligated to Tender for delivery into the TGP System a minimum volume of Customer Gas and Customer Injected NGLs (each such minimum amount, a Minimum Volume Commitment or MVC).
Adjusted Minimum Volume Commitment means Tesoros Minimum Throughput Commitment, adjusted by deducting the applicable Stipulated Volume for each Terminal that is no longer subject to this Agreement at any time.
For the purposes of this Agreement, a "material number of Nodes" shall mean any number of Nodes which has a cumulative effect on Customer's Minimum Volume Commitment by more than [ * ].
During each Contract Quarter during the Term, Delek Refining shall make available to Delek Marketing for marketing and sale at the Refinery and/or the Big Sandy Terminal an aggregate amount of the Refinery Products equal to at least 50,000 Barrels per day, multiplied by the number of calendar days in the Contract Quarter (the Minimum Volume Commitment).