Mini definition

Mini is means as a contract size between 1-1,000 MWh in an increment of 1;
Mini means a Person designated by HVF and organized under the laws of the United States of America that distributes automobiles manufactured under the brand “MINI” or “MINI-Xxxxxx”.

Examples of Mini in a sentence

  • When a Call for Mini- Competition is made, the BAC shall allow the bidders to submit their best financial proposals on such pre-scheduled date, time and place to determine the bidder with the LCB.

  • Davidson Plastics, "Mini" (75 mm x 254 mm) CONCRETE BARRIER DELINEATORS, 400 mm(For use to the right of traffic.

  • The invoice shall also stipulate the following statement: “Intra-community sale/service: French VAT collected by the Provider and paid to the Mini One-Stop shop in [Address/Country]”.

  • An Authorized User shall identify to Contractor, as a condition of using this Contract and during the Mini- Bid process, whether Federal funds will be utilized for the Project.

  • There are three types of S278 agreements: Mini Section 278 Agreements A Mini Section 278 Agreement is a formal arrangement to enable developers to carry out extremely minor highway works.

  • Opera, Opera Mini, and the O logo are trademarks of Opera Software ASA.

  • The invoice shall also stipulate the following statement: “ Intra-community sale/service: French VAT collected by the Provider and paid to the Mini One-Stop shop in [Address/Country]”.

  • Assignment, Open Book Test, Cooperative Learning Report, Group Presentation, Problem based Learning, Project based Learning, Mini Projects, Project Report, Quiz, Role Play, Self-Explanatory Videos, Prototype or Product Demonstration etc.

  • The determination of the Lowest Calculated Bid (LCB) shall not be performed by the BAC until a Mini- Competition is conducted among the bidders who executed a Framework Agreement.

  • Also, the work is to be carried out with Mini Roll / Road Roller / Hand Roll as may be required for the work as per the requirement and instructions of engineer in charge.

More Definitions of Mini

Mini means a youth player who has attained the age of 4 but has not attained their 11th birthday before the 1st day of January in the soccer-playing season.
Mini and “Rolls-Royce”.
Mini means MINI, a division of BMW, and its successors.
Mini means a member who is aged 10 years or under on 1st April of the current year.
Mini means MINI (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd.;
Mini. HVAC unit (the "Mini Unit") which shall be Tenant's responsibility to insure and maintain. Landlord shall, at Landlord's cost, install a submeter with respect to the Mini Unit and Tenant shall pay to Landlord all bills for utilities provided to such unit. Landlord agrees to perform routine maintenance and repairs on the Roof Unit, and Tenant agrees that it will be responsible, as additional rent under the Lease, for any costs of such maintenance and/or repairs in excess of normal and routine maintenance and repair costs imposed due to repairs and/or maintenance performed other than during standard Building hours. Tenant shall pay to Landlord, on the first day of each month in the Term commencing December 1, 1997, as additional rent, a monthly base Building cost of $304.00 with respect to Tenant's usage of the Roof Unit; provided, however, in the event that

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