POD definition

POD means a grouping of two or more housing units, usually found in large facilities, which will aid in the control of prisoners.

Examples of POD in a sentence

  • A significant disadvantage of surrogate modelling based on proper orthogonal decomposition (POD) of an ensemble of CFD solutions is the up-front cost which is necessary to generate the dataset of observations.

  • This model is based on the gappy POD method for the reconstruction of incomplete datasets developed by Everson and Sirovich [17].

  • The Disposition List specifies the OpCdr of EU-led CMO operational requirements by listing the Commander’s Required Date (CRD), priority, Port of Debarkation (POD), Desired Order of Arrival (DOA) and Final Destination (FD) for each unit.

  • The POD provides a basis for the modal decomposition of a system of functions, usually data obtained from either experiments or numerical simulations.

  • In an effort to limit this initial computational encumbrance, a variable- fidelity model that incorporates the POD of an ensemble of CFD solutions at two different levels of fidelity is proposed in this paper so as to manage and control the up-front computational cost.

More Definitions of POD

POD means proof of delivery of a consignment as referred to in (d) above
POD or “Point of Delivery” means the point at which electric energy is transferred from the AIES to a Customer’s facilities.
POD means pay on death.
POD means port of discharge;
POD means the documentation confirming proof of delivery of product to a Depot bearing the signature of the Host to receive the Product, or confirming receipt of product from a Depot bearing the signature of the Tenant, save in respect of deliveries of Product ex rail tank cars where the PoD shall be in the form of an Intac rail document bearing the description of the Product and the rail tank car number with a freight rail seal impressed on it;
POD means the Plan of Development as such is approved annually, beginning with the period from January 1, 1998 to December 31, 1998, by Borrower, Agent and Agent Bank or is modified or replaced from time to time by agreement among Borrower, Agent and Agent Bank. The first such POD must be approved by December 1, 1997.