Definition of POD

POD means a grouping of two or more housing units, usually found in large facilities, which will aid in the control of prisoners.
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POD means pay on death. (Enacted by Stats. 1990, Ch. 79.) 5140.
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Examples of POD in a sentence

Customer shall be responsible for any scheduling arrangements on other electric systems [to or from] the valid Reservation-Scheduling [POR or POD] that may be required by such system.
Melba Smith, as natural guardian for Thel- ma Smith 123-45-6789 P.O.D. Bartholomew Smith.
Uncertainty/safety factors (UFs) are used in conjunction with the POD to take into account uncertainties inherent in the extrapolation from laboratory animal data to humans and in the variations in sensitivity among members of the human population as well as other unknowns.
An agent may redeem a security registered ''A P.O.D. [payable on death to] B'' for cash at the request of the surviving beneficiary following the owner's death.
Registration in beneficiary form may be shown by the words "transfer on death" or the abbreviation "TOD," or by the words "pay on death" or the abbreviation "POD," after the name of the registered owner and before the name of a beneficiary.