maintenance and insurance definition

maintenance and insurance means essential routine minor maintenance, and insurance, of the structure of the home; and
maintenance and insurance. All maintenance and insurance are the responsibility of the Lessee. Lessee shall bear all risk of loss or damage to the Equipment. The Lessee shall be responsible to keep the Equipment insured for (i) the installed replacement cost of such Equipment naming Lessor as loss payee, and (ii) comprehensive general liability insurance naming Lessor as additional insured. All policies must be with companies acceptable to Lessor and provide for not less than thirty-(30) days written notice to Lessor of material changes in or cancellation of the policy. Evidence of such insurance must be satisfactory to Lessor.

Related to maintenance and insurance

  • Maintenance Adder means an adder that may be included to account for variable operation and maintenance expenses in a Market Seller’s Fuel Cost Policy. The Maintenance Adder is calculated in accordance with the applicable provisions of PJM Manual 15, and may only include expenses incurred as a result of electric production. Manual Load Dump Action:

  • Maintenance and Support means updates, upgrades, patches, fixes, etc. and technical support provided for the Products and Services that Supplier is required to provide directly to DXC or a DXC Customer.

  • Operation and Maintenance Expenses or ‘O&M expenses' means the expenditure incurred on operation and maintenance of the project, or part thereof, and includes the expenditure on manpower, repairs, spares, consumables, insurance and overheads;

  • Maintenance area means any geographic region of the United States previously designated nonattainment pursuant to the CAA Amendments of 1990 and subsequently redesignated to attainment subject to the requirement to develop a maintenance plan under §175A of the CAA, as amended.

  • Planned Maintenance means any Maintenance BT has planned to do in advance.

  • Operation and Maintenance or “O&M” shall mean all activities required to operate, maintain, and monitor the effectiveness of the RA as specified in the SOW or any EPA-approved O&M Plan.

  • Routine maintenance means actions performed on a regular or controllable basis or in response to uncontrollable events upon a highway, road, street, or bridge. Routine maintenance includes, but is not limited to, 1 or more of the following:

  • Maintenance and Support Services means the services provided by Contractor under Appendix F.

  • Emergency Maintenance means any period of maintenance for which, due to reasons beyond its reasonable control, Sprint Convergence is unable to provide prior notice of.

  • Hazard Insurance A fire and casualty extended coverage insurance policy insuring against loss or damage from fire and other perils covered within the scope of standard extended hazard coverage naming the Servicer, its successors and assigns, as a mortgagee under a standard mortgagee clause, together with all riders and endorsements thereto.

  • Operation and Maintenance Costs means the costs of:

  • Operations and maintenance means a project delivery method in which the District enters into a single contract for the routine operation, routine repair, and routine maintenance of an infrastructure facility.

  • Maintenance Costs means parts and materials, sublet and labour costs of a qualified licensed mechanic for the maintenance of the Revenue Service Vehicles, but shall not include costs associated with interior and exterior transit advertising signs and non-mechanical servicing of Revenue Service Vehicles such as fuelling, clearing fareboxes, cleaning and painting wheel rims, vehicle washing and other work performed by a serviceman; and,

  • Industrial maintenance coating means a high performance architectural coating, including primers, sealers, undercoaters, intermediate coats, and topcoats formulated for application to substrates, including floors, exposed to one or more of the following extreme environmental conditions listed below and labeled “For industrial use only;” “For professional use only;” “Not for residential use;” or “Not intended for residential use.”

  • Maintenance Term means the period of time for which Customer has purchased Maintenance Services, as evidenced by the Purchase Order delivered by Customer in connection therewith, together with all renewals effected in accordance with Section 4 of this Agreement.

  • Maintenance and Operations Revenue or “M&O Revenue” means (i) those revenues which the District receives from the levy of its annual ad valorem maintenance and operations tax pursuant to Section 45.002 of the TEXAS EDUCATION CODE, or other lawful authority, and Article VII § 3 of the TEXAS CONSTITUTION, plus (ii) all State revenues to which the District is or may be entitled under the applicable provisions of the TEXAS EDUCATION CODE or any other statutory provision as well as any amendment or successor statute to these provisions, as applicable, less

  • Preventative Maintenance means the routine, customary or regular course of procedure related to the care or upkeep of an existing Department facility or system, which may also include inspection services provided as part of a preventative maintenance program. Preventive maintenance is conducted to keep equipment working and/or extend the life of the equipment.

  • Maintenance Window means the weekly maintenance windows for the Cloud Service identified in xxxxx:// SAP may update the Maintenance Window from time to time in accordance with the Agreement.

  • Maintenance With respect to any Cooperative Unit, the rent paid by the Mortgagor to the Cooperative Corporation pursuant to the Proprietary Lease.

  • Deferred Maintenance means improvements necessary for continued operations which do not improve productivity or alter the process technology.

  • Maintenance Fees means the non-refundable fees payable annually by Licensee to OT for Support Services;

  • Maintenance Requirements shall have the meaning set forth in Clause 14.2;

  • Preventive Maintenance means that maintenance, performed on a scheduled basis by the Contractor, which is designed to keep the Equipment in proper operating condition.

  • Major maintenance means the adjustment, repair or replacement of a component or module that could affect the accuracy of a measurement.

  • Software Maintenance means the process of modifying software after delivery to correct faults, improve performance or other attributes, or adapt to a changed environment. (Reference ISO/IEC 14764:2006, as amended or superseded.) Software maintenance does not include any customization or configuration.

  • Maintenance work means the repair of existing facilities when the size, type or extent of such facilities is not thereby changed or increased. While “maintenance” includes painting and decorating and is covered under the law, it does not include work such as routine landscape maintenance or janitorial services.