Helper definition

Helper or "laborer" means a person who assists a licensed tradesman and who is not an apprentice as defined in this chapter.
Helper on mainline pipeline construction means a person employed to assist a Journeyman and in buffing or grinding in preparation for a weld within the pipe gang and in buffing or grinding in preparation for non-destructive testing.

Examples of Helper in a sentence

  • This made it difficult for the products of one company to stand out compared to their competition, as Hochfelder and Helper cite from the trade press of the day.320 The limited number of fabricators also introduced another problem: the absence of mass production.

  • Helper function that you paid directly into a lump sum, pmi elimination consideration your mortgage payment and respond quickly.

  • I n s i d e T h i s I s s u eUpdate ReminderParish Helper OnLine contains twenty staff assignments for parish contacts.

  • You follow the one who protects and helps you, for Jesus regarded Him as the Helper who reveals the truth about God.

  • Employees will be responsible for cleaning and maintenance of the uniform, except for those employed in the classification of Station Chef, 1st Assistant Cook and Kitchen Helper in the Food Production Department (Kitchen).

More Definitions of Helper

Helper on distribution systems means a person employed to perform or assist in performing work covered by this Agreement.
Helper means any individual who accompanies and assists a commercial fishing license holder or licensed roe harvester in the harvest, possession, transportation, or sale of fish.
Helper means anyone who aids in ministry. The helper must be at least three years older than the individuals with whom s/he is working.
Helper means a minor, ages 13 to 17, who assists in caring for children; and
Helper or "laborer" means a person who assists a licensed tradesman.