Helper definition

Helper means a person engaged in general manual labor activities who provides assistance to an apprentice, journeyperson, or master while under the supervision of a journeyperson or master.
Helper or "laborer" means a person who assists a licensed tradesman and who is not an apprentice as defined in 18VAC50-30-10.
Helper on mainline pipeline construction means a person employed to assist a Journeyman and in buffing or grinding in preparation for a weld within the pipe gang and in buffing or grinding in preparation for non-destructive testing.

Examples of Helper in a sentence

  • Driver & Helper are entitled for a weekly day of rest, 23 leaves and 5 holidays in a year, contractor shall ensure reliever driver to run the services of hired vehicle during these days on instructions of the engineer in charge.

  • They are given a 3-5 letter code that corresponds to the temporary account number listed on Therapist’s Helper.

  • Finally, each of these humanly-reasonable methods is turned into a test case1 using a customized version of the GUITAR [13] test case generator.In the third stage, the test cases are imported into CogTool- Helper [12], which recreates the UI design and the test cases in such a way that it can be fed into a human performance modeling tool such as CogTool [15].

  • MONTHLY CHARGES Monthly charges: Monthly charges of Electricians (skilled) and Helper (unskilled) deployed for the services shall be governed by the Minimum Wages, Act, 1948, Payment of Bonus Act, 1965, provisions of EPFO and ESIC of the Government.

  • Are you aware of any condition for which your Domestic Helper may require medical or surgical treatment?你是否知道上述家傭可能因某種病症而需要接受治療或手術? □ Yes 是 □ No 否 If yes, please give details 如是,請詳述:This proposal will not become effective until it has been accepted by QBE Hongkong & Shanghai Insurance Ltd.

More Definitions of Helper

Helper on distribution systems means a person employed to perform or assist in performing work covered by this Agreement.
Helper means a Mechanic’s helper who has thorough formal training and extensive hands-on experience, and has achieved competence in assisting the Mechanic in the field of hydraulic/electrical/mechanical systems troubleshooting, repair and maintenance.
Helper means anyone who aids in ministry. The helper must be at least three years older than the individuals with whom s/he is working.
Helper means a minor, ages 13 to 17, who assists in caring for children; and
Helper means any individual who accompanies and assists a commercial fishing license holder or licensed roe harvester in the harvest, possession, transportation, or sale of fish.
Helper or "laborer" means a person who assists a licensed tradesman.
Helper means a youth, at least ten (10) years of age and three years older than the oldest child in care, who assists the Caregiver with child care. A Caregiver or substitute caregiver must be present when a helper is used.