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Machine-readable means capable of being read by an automated data processing system.Subpart B—Programs§ 1021.200 General.Casinos and card clubs are subject to the program requirements set forth and cross referenced in this subpart. Casinos and card clubs should also refer to Subpart B of Part 1010 of this chapter for program requirements contained in that subpart which apply to casinos and card clubs.§ 1021.210 Anti-money laundering program requirements for casinos.(a) Requirements for casinos. A casino shall be deemed to satisfy the requirements of 31 U.S.C. 5318(h)(1) if it implements and maintains a compliance program described in paragraph (b) of this section.(b) Compliance programs. (1) Each casino shall develop and implement a written program reasonably designed to assure and monitor compliance with the requirements set forth in 31 U.S.C. chapter 53, subchapter II and the regulations contained in this chapter.(2) At a minimum, each compliance program shall provide for:
Machine-readable means capable of being read by an automated data proc- essing system.[58 FR 13549, Mar. 12, 1993, as amended at 59FR 61662, Dec. 1, 1994; 60 FR 33725, June 29,1995; 67 FR 60730, Sept. 26, 2002] Subpart F—SummonsSOURCE: 52 FR 23979, June 26, 1987, unlessotherwise noted. Redesignated at 64 FR 45451, Aug. 20, 1999.§ 103.71 General.For any investigation for the purpose of civil enforcement of violations of the Currency and Foreign Transactions Reporting Act, as amended (31 U.S.C. 5311 through 5324), section 21 of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act (12U.S.C. 1829b), section 411 of the Na- tional Housing Act (12 U.S.C. 1730d), or Chapter 2 of Pub. L. 91–508 (12 U.S.C. 1951 et seq.), or any regulation under any such provision, the Secretary or delegate of the Secretary may summon a financial institution or an officer or employee of a financial institution (in- cluding a former officer or employee), or any person having possession, cus- tody, or care of any of the records and reports required under the Currency and Foreign Transactions Reporting Act or this part to appear before the Secretary or his delegate, at a time and place named in the summons, and to give testimony, under oath, and be examined, and to produce such books, papers, records, or other data as may be relevant or material to such inves- tigation. § 103.72 Persons who may issue sum- mons.For purposes of this part, the fol- lowing officials are hereby designated as delegates of the Secretary who are 31 CFR Ch. I (7–1–09 Edition)authorized to issue a summons under§ 103.71, solely for the purposes of civil enforcement of this part:

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Machine-readable means that digital documents are sufficiently structured for software applications to identify reliably individual statements of fact and their internal structure.’
Machine-readable means a document with data that can be verified by electronic means by the IDNYC Card Program application system.
Machine-readable means in a format that is reasonably structured to allow automated processing.
Machine-readable means an automatic identification technology media, such
Machine-readable means that the data must be structured. It is not enough that the data is in a document that can be read by a user on a computer screen. It must be possible for software to extract specific elements of the data. This is possible if the data is in a structured form such as a spreadsheet, but it is not normally possible if the data is contained in the text of an unstructured document in Word or PDF format.
Machine-readable means data in a format that can be automatically read and processed by a computer, such as CSV, JSON, and XML. Machine-readable data is structured data.