Modules definition

Modules means the Base Modules and Extended Modules.
Modules means functional applications that comprise the ChannelAdvisor Platform, which Customer may gain access to or obtain Services for by entering into an SOW.
Modules means those components of the Licensed Software that interact with a Server.

Examples of Modules in a sentence

  • Additional or replacement Modules shall be of the same type and physical form as the original Module, electrically compatible with the original Module, and have an electrical output of not less than the warranted power output of the original Module at the time of supply or replacement, based on the warranted degradation rates set forth at Section 3 hereto.

  • Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, this Limited Warranty is for the sole and exclusive benefit of Customer and there are no third party beneficiaries hereof; provided, however, subject to written notice to Xxxxx and Xxxxx’s receipt of full and final payment for the Modules, this entire Limited Warranty may be assigned in whole but not in part to any person or entity.

  • Additional, repaired or replacement Modules shall be delivered to the same destination and on the same INCOTERMS 2010 delivery basis that the original Module causing breach of the Warranties was delivered under the purchase agreement to which this Limited Warranty applies.

  • Replaced Modules received by Xxxxx pursuant to Section 5 shall be the sole property of Xxxxx.

  • Note: Deploying the associated Red Hat Network system entitlements or Smart Management Modules on a system other than Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop or Workstation, as applicable, is not a supported Use Case.

More Definitions of Modules

Modules means the modules which are identified in a list provided to the Agent prior to the Issue Date.
Modules mean machine learning or artificial intelligence algorithms and models trained on data (excluding public domain or third-party data).
Modules. {}, "Models": {
Modules means DEI’s proprietary modules, including converters, rectifiers and inverters, as set forth on Exhibit A.
Modules means both Standard Modules and Configurable Modules.
Modules means solar photovoltaic modules with an expected electrical output of 435 xxxxx of electric power (expressed as DC).
Modules means the pre-fabricated units as described in the Contract Documents, which are to be delivered and installed in accordance with the requirements of the Contract.