Machine definition

Machine means the machines/ equipment/software/accessories as detailed at Annexure-A.
Machine means, solely with respect to Hyperic products, a license to install and use on a server, a Virtual Machine, or a network device.

Examples of Machine in a sentence

Click the [Reboot Machine] button and click [OK] to reboot the machine.

Scroll down and click the [Reboot Machine] button and click [OK] to reboot the device.

The specimens shall be subjected to 25 cycles of washing and drying in accordance with the procedure specified in Machine Cycle 3, Wash Temperature III, and Drying Procedure Aiii as specified in AATCC 135-1992.

UNIT-I:History and Hardware - Computer Hardware, Bits and Bytes, Components, Programming Languages - Machine Language, Assembly Language, Low- and High-Level Languages, Procedural and Object-Oriented Languages, Application and System Software, The Development of C Algorithms The Software Development Process.

While machine A requires 11Newtons to perform a work load of 34Newtons; Machine B requires 14Newtons for 40Newtons; Machine C 12Newtons for 31Newtons and Machine D 13 Newtons for 38Newtons.

More Definitions of Machine

Machine means an assemblage of parts that transmits force, motion and energy from one part to another in a predeter- mined manner.
Machine means the computer, workstation, terminal, or other hardware product on which the Software is installed.
Machine means an object or system of any description, now known or coming into existence in the future, with which a Product may be viewed, played or otherwise used;
Machine means an assemblage of parts that transmit force, motion, and energy from one part to another in a predetermined manner.
Machine means any system or device together with its power source and auxiliary equipment used to accomplish a specific objective.
Machine means an attended or remotely controlled computer where the Software is loaded, that is operated by no more than one person at a time.
Machine means any appliance, irrespective of the material of which it is made, but does not include an agricultural tractor;