Machine definition

Machine means the machines/ equipment/software/accessories as detailed at Annexure-A.
Machine means any apparatus that uses or applies mechanical power, electrical power or both;

Examples of Machine in a sentence

  • In Recent Advances in Parallel Virtual Machine and Message Passing Interface.

  • Machine phenomenology is not a trivial matter, as we will discover when the first data on interstellar plasma is interpreted by human scientists.

  • Drew McDermott, “What Matters to a Machine?” in Machine Ethics, ed.

  • Revised 2017725-3 Machine mixing will be required in all cases unless pre-approved by the Engineer.

  • Unlike other Virtual Machine Managers, Virtual Box both exposes this option as a user-adjustable setting and does not set it to UTC by default.

More Definitions of Machine

Machine means an object or system of any description, now known or coming into existence in the future, with which a Product may be viewed, played or otherwise used;
Machine means the machinery & equipment including all associated tools/ jigs/ fixtures/motors/controllers/ software/ control panels/ accessories as detailed at Annexure-A.
Machine means a computing device used by a User for running the Product.
Machine means every tyre testing spindle in one specific measurement method. For example, two spindles acting on the same drum shall not be considered as one machine.
Machine means the equipment used for the manufacture of tobacco products which is integral to the manufacturing process;
Machine means every tyre testing spindle in one specific measurement method. For
Machine means, but is not limited to, an automatic teller machine, Point of Sale (POS) machine or any other means through which a customer can affect payment for goods or services.