Legal Challenge definition

Legal Challenge means all or any application for judicial review under Part 54 of the Civil Procedure Rules 1998 (as amended) including any appeals to a higher court following a judgment of a lower court;
Legal Challenge means: any judicial proceeding or other legal action brought by a third party, including referendum or initiative, that challenges this Agreement, the annexation of the Xxxxxx Creek Village Property to the Town (the “Annexation”), the zoning of the Xxxxxx Creek Village Property (the “Zoning”), the Development Guide Agreement including the FDP, the formation of any of the Districts, the Town’s approval of any of the Service Plans, or any of the Town’s resolutions or ordinances approving this Agreement, the Annexation, the Zoning, the Development Guide Agreement including the FDP, or the Service Plans. If a Legal Challenge occurs, this Agreement shall not become effective until the entry of a final, non-appealable order resolving such Legal Challenge substantially in favor of the Town and the Owners (the “Resolution of the Legal Challenge”). The Parties covenant and agree to cooperate in good faith in the event of a Legal Challenge.
Legal Challenge means any challenge to the validity or lawfulness of the Planning Application or to the Permission in the courts brought by means of proceedings for judicial review, declaratory proceedings or otherwise calling into question the validity of the Permission; and includes any proceedings by way of appeal to the Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court or to any other appellate body;

Examples of Legal Challenge in a sentence

  • Rescission: A Legal Challenge to the Ratification ProcessAs noted earlier, while ratification of the proposed Equal Rights Amendment was pending, a number of states passed resolutions that sought to rescind their earlier ratifications.

  • In the event that this Contract is subject to a bona fide and substantive legal challenge of any nature relating to the process by which the Provider was awarded this Contract (a “Legal Challenge”), then the Parties shall co-operate in good faith to determine the best way to mitigate the impact of the Legal Challenge, which may include varying some or all of the Contract and/or terminating the Contract in whole or in part.

  • Police Pension Scheme 2015 (CARE scheme) – Legal Challenge The Chief Constable of West Mercia Police, along with other Chief Constables and the Home Office, currently have claims lodged against them with the Central London Employment Tribunal.

  • Blind Activist Leads Peasants in Legal Challenge to Abuses of China’s Population Growth Policy,” Washington Post, August 27, 2005; and “China Terse About Action on Abuses of One-Child Policy,” Washington Post, September 20, 2005.

  • John Maday, “Eight Organizations File Legal Challenge to New COOL Rules,” PorkNetwork, July 9, 2013, 214758951.html, and Bryan Salvage, “‘COOL’ Just Got a Lot Hotter,” Meat & Poultry, July 9, 2013.

More Definitions of Legal Challenge

Legal Challenge means the judicial review applications made by Fox Strategic Land and Property Limited against Chorley Borough Council, Preston City Council and South Ribble Borough Council
Legal Challenge means any action, suit or proceeding brought or commenced by a third party (excluding any Affiliate of a Party) seeking to (i) contest the validity of this Agreement, any Permits or the development, construction, or operation of the Facility or PREPA Interconnection Facilities which materially impairs the ability of the Parties to perform their respective obligations hereunder or delays the development, financing, construction or operation of the Facility or PREPA Interconnection Facilities, or (ii) avoid, enjoin, rescind, set aside, stay, subordinate, or otherwise alter or impair, this Agreement or any of the transactions contemplated hereby in any way.
Legal Challenge means, any action, proceeding or litigation, including any administrative appeal, brought by any third party relating to the Redevelopment Plan, the Bond Resolution, the Bonds, the SSD Ordinance, this Agreement, the CBDD Ordinance or any zoning boundary change, the selection and/or approval of Redeveloper and/or any action taken by the Agency and/or the City with respect to any of the foregoing or the Project or Proposed Project.
Legal Challenge means any proceedings in which a declaration is sought that the LEP Amendment, any Development Consent, Stage 2 Development Consent and/or this deed is invalid and includes but is not limited to any proceedings in which such a declaration is sought which are heard on remitter from another Court following an appeal. LEP means Sydney Local Environmental Plan 2012.
Legal Challenge has the meaning given such term in Section 9.1(c).
Legal Challenge means either of the following: (1) any third party unrelated to any Parties commences any legal proceeding, request for reconsideration or other action that directly or indirectly challenges this Agreement, the zoning or platting of the Property, or any of the Town's resolutions or ordinances approving the zoning of the Property or this Agreement; or
Legal Challenge means that either: (i) a third party commences a legal proceeding