FCC Regulations definition

FCC Regulations means the regulations duly and lawfully promulgated by the FCC, as in effect from time to time.
FCC Regulations means all rules, regulations, written policies, orders and decisions of the FCC under the Communications Act.
FCC Regulations means the amendments to Title 47 of the Code of Federal Regulations adopted in, and the additional requirements of, the First Report and Order In the Matter of Implementation of the Local Competition Provisions in the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and Interconnection between Local Exchange and Commercial Mobile Radio Service Providers, CC Docket Nos. 96-98 and 95-185, adopted on August 1, 1996 and released on August 8, 1996, and the Second Report and Order and Memorandum Opinion and Order, CC Docket Nos. 96-98, 95-185, and 92-237, adopted and released on August 8, 1996, as each may be amended, stayed, voided, repealed, or supplemented from time to time.

Examples of FCC Regulations in a sentence

  • Citizen Band radios (CB's) are not considered adequate two-way communications because FCC Regulations prohibit commercial use.

  • The arrangement for recovering, in accordance with Section 251(b)(5) of the Act, the FCC Internet Order, and other applicable FCC orders and FCC Regulations, costs incurred for the transport and termination of Reciprocal Compensation Traffic originating on one Party’s network and terminating on the other Party’s network (as set forth in Section 7 of the Interconnection Attachment).

  • The Parties acknowledge that Verizon has deployed LNP throughout its network in compliance with FCC 96-286 and other applicable FCC Regulations.

  • OPERATIONAL STANDARDS‌ PERMISSIBLE COMMUNICATIONSINTEROPERABILITY frequencies are for official use only.All communications on the INTEROP frequencies as listed in the NIFOG are in accordance with Part 90, Subpart B of FCC Regulations (Public Safety Radio Pool).

  • When there exists evidence that the Grantee does not satisfy FCC performance and technical standards in accordance with FCC Regulations, as set forth in 47 CFR, Part 76, Subpart K, the Authority, shall have the right and authority to require the Grantee to test, analyze, and report on the performance of the Cable System.

More Definitions of FCC Regulations

FCC Regulations means, as of any date, all federal communications statutes and all rules, regulations, orders, decrees and policies of the FCC as then in effect, and any interpretations or waivers thereof or modifications thereto.
FCC Regulations means the effective rules, regulations, requirements, orders and policies adopted or issued by the FCC, as each may be revised from time to time.
FCC Regulations means the rules and regulations promulgated by the FCC from time to time and located in Title 47 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), including any FCC reports and orders pertaining to the Cable Act and/or Cable System.
FCC Regulations means the rules, regulations and published policies and decisions of the FCC as they are applicable to the Systems and promulgated by the FCC with respect to the Cable Act, as in effect from time to time.
FCC Regulations means Title 47 of the Code of Federal Regulations.
FCC Regulations means the rules, regulations, published decisions, published orders and policies promulgated by the Federal Communications Commission and in effect from time to time.
FCC Regulations means the Communications Act, and all regulations and written policies promulgated from time to time by the FCC under or in connection with or pertaining to the Communications Act.