IT Hardware definition

IT Hardware means all information technology related hardware equipment, used or held for use in connection with the operation of ST’s Relevant Businesses or NXP’s Relevant Businesses, as the case may be;
IT Hardware means IT Assets which are not Computer Software.
IT Hardware means computer, telecommunications and network equipment;

Examples of IT Hardware in a sentence

  • The rates quoted must be FOR destination/ site where the IT Hardware and peripherals are to be delivered, and should include all incidental charges.

  • The Delivery Challan, Inspection Report & Acceptance Note will constitute the Final Acceptance of every IT Hardware and other peripherals supplied.

  • The bidder will provide the soft copy and hard copy of both listing every IT Hardware and other peripherals serial nos.

  • Conduct 100% Quality inspection and testing and ensure that each and every IT Hardware and other peripherals complies to the specifications given in Form 4 and ensure that there should not be any physical damage(s) and shall contain all the required every IT Hardware and other peripherals before declaring them as “Ready for delivery”.

  • OCAC may engage any Third Party Agency (TPA), who shall be responsible to perform the inspection of the IT Hardware & peripherals in accordance with Industry Standards.

More Definitions of IT Hardware

IT Hardware means IT Assets that are not Computer Software.
IT Hardware means the CCTV,NVR, DVR and other associated components.
IT Hardware means any and all computer, telecommunications and network equipment used by the Company;
IT Hardware means any hardware provided by the Suppliers in the delivery of the Deliverables as outlined in the Specification;
IT Hardware means the hard ware owned by the Seller and used by the Group Companies as of the Sixxxxg Date, including, without limitation thereto, the hardware listed in SCHEDULE 2.4;
IT Hardware means all computers, servers, workstations, routers, hubs, switches, and other information technology equipment, including data communications lines and other network equipment listed in Schedule 1.1(a)(i), and all associated firmware and documentation and except for the purposes of Sections 2.1(d)(i) and 2.1(u), any additional such equipment and associated firmware and documentation to be transferred, assigned or delivered to UBS Canada hereunder in connection with Section 3.9.
IT Hardware means the personal computers, computer hardware, telecommunications and information technology systems located at the Subject Gaming Sites and owned by the Seller (whether legally or beneficially) but for greater certainty shall not include any Software.